Monday, July 19, 2010

{My} Miscellany Monday

This is my first time participating in Miscellany Monday and I'm pretty excited about being able to be as random as I wish!

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

{One} We went to a minor league baseball game last night and had an awesome time. 1 dollar A&W Root Beer Floats, hot dogs, and the Canadian anthem alongside of the American anthem, haha! Plus we won, which always makes things feel better.

{Two} I'm really into watching Friends lately. I'm embarrassed to admit, but I have all 10 seasons on DVD and I'm trying to watch them all before we move. We don't want to buy a tv right away, so that we can focus on language learning so I'm getting my fill now! My favs? The one where Phoebe runs like a maniac and where Ross teaches the concept of Unagi.

{Three} Ian's computer (that I did NOT nag him to get!) is being delivered to my folks in Nashville today! That means he'll have it in his possession in the next week or two!

{Four} Four weeks until we move!!!! I'm so excited!

{Five} I'm on book five of the Anne of Green Gables series. They've become alot more narrative and I miss the humor and fast pace of the first 3. Boo.

{Six} Six is how many kids we'll be watching next weekend. Four overnight from Friday to Saturday evening, and two on Sunday! We're super excited to spend some time with some of these kiddos before we all move to all corners of the world!

{Seven} We had a HUGE multicultural festival one block away this weekend. Food that was consumed on our behalf? Fishcakes from Barbados, Jerk Chicken and Pina Colada Smoothie from Jamaica, Samosas from Kenya, Pork Skewer from Vietnam, Curry from Sri Lanka, and Deep Friend Mars Bar from India. haha! It was delicious!

{Eight} I just ate blueberries with milk. I feel like Benny from the Boxcar Children. It was great. I loved those books!


Brittany said...

WHAT A great weekend! All the food sounds delish! I want some!!!

:) so cool!

~M~ said...

I LOVE Anne of Green Gables!

Natalie said...

I could seriously go for a root beer float right now! I haven't had one of those in years!
I don't think I could ever pick a favorite episode of friends...too hard!
The Boxcar Children were the best books EVER! : )

Jessica said...

So much fun stuff going on with you! Luke and I LOVE Friends, and keep at least 20 episodes recorded on our DRV at any given time for when we are just in the mood for it. The Unagi episode is one of our favorites too! And the one where Ross gets a crazy spray tan, and the one where he whitens his teeth. Oh yeah, and the episode where they are moving a couch upstairs to someone's apartment and Ross keeps yelling, "PIVOT! PIVOT!!"

Obviously we think Ross is hilarious. I could go on all day! Have fun watching ;-)

Anne @ Sincerely, Britches said...

Boxcar Children -- LOL! I haven't thought about those books in ages. They used to be my favorites. :) And I really should re-read the Anne of Green Gables books someday. Thoes are sooo good.