Sunday, July 18, 2010


I've been using my free time (what little there has been lately,) to weed through my picture folders on my computer.

My goal?

To have less than 150 images in each month for 2010. All of my pictures before 2010 are stored on our external hard drive, since they were originally loaded on my old laptop.

So, today, after I finally finished 2010, I broke out ye ol external hard drive and began filtering through the billions of photos since 2003.

If you wanted to know, which I'm guessing you really don't, but I'll share anyways, I am working backwards ie: 2009, 2008, 2007.

But somehow I ended up in a 2005 file and found this beauty, taken at camp, playing football, following my senior year of high school:

haha, this is one of my favorite pictures for all of the weird positions people are in and how much things have changed since that moment!


Unknown said...

I love it when you find golden photos as I call them. The ones that make you laugh and not necessarily people will understand.

The Taffs said...

I'm trying to weed through and organize pictures right now too. I know I'll be glad once it's done, but I can only take so much of this at a time!

Brittany said...

;) my computer just broke but before I did, I had just gone through and organized all my photos!

I love your photo! Those random stapshots are the best!

Courtney said...

Summer camp! Part of the best summer ever! I remember sitting next to Raphy watching you all play. I like Rachel sitting back and analyzing everything it seems. good memories!

cait said...

I have had this in the back of my mind for a while get through pictures and get them organized. I also struggle with which ones to print..or do I just print when I want them/need them for gifts? Ahh so many decisions!