Friday, July 16, 2010

Sister Talk

My sister and I may live thousand of miles apart, but we try to keep in communication pretty regularly. Usually it's through the awesome feature of Gmail called Gchat, but occasionally, we resort to "old fashioned," email.

Here is a glimpse into one such {meaningful} conversation. ha!

*disclaimer: My sister's name is Heather, and I am Brittney. Though she calls me "Little D," and I call her "Big D." Just FYI.

TO: Brittney

Little D,

Last night, I had a dream that we were throwing you a going away party. I was supposed to bring brownies for dessert. But I forgot. So I stopped at Publix to buy cupcakes and Oprah was running the bakery. The cupcakes cost me $363.

Let's analyze.

TO: Heather

haha! I believe this is the beginning of a series of dreams about the enormous expense it will cost to come and see me on a (semi) regular basis. Your psychi is screaming "that costs alot of money for seeing your sister-which should be free!" but your heart is saying "it's my sister, of course I'll plop down ridiculous amounts of money for her, and be happy to do it!"

Think that's right?

Miss you!

TO: Brittney

It's possible! Or I'm not sleeping well, one or the other :) xoxo

TO: Heather

oh that could be it. Or a secret burning rage over Oprah's retirement?

TO: Brittney

What?! Oprah's retiring?

TO: Heather

uh YEAH! and Jillian Michaels wants to be the "next Oprah." Where have you been? Under a rock? I live in canada and I know this stuff.

Plus, there was an article about JM in that Women's Health mag you sent me :)


haha, I hope you enjoyed it! My sister is the greatest!


Natalie said...

haha too funny.
i am right there with your sister under the rock-had NO idea oprah was retiring!

The Taffs said...

Haha-that reminds me of my sister (who lives across the country) and I. There's no relationship quite like that of a sisters!

Jessica said...

haha so funny! Sounds like me and my sister. We have conversations like this all the time, via text. Good thing we both have unlimited texting!

Brittany said...

so funny!

I live in the state,s and I didnt even know JM wanted to be the next oprah! thats crazy!

I think Ellen should be the next oprah! She's my very fav!

Jessica said...

Your post reminds me of when my twin sister and I Skype :) Sisters are definitely the best!!

Rachel said...

My sister and I talk on facebook everyday. It's hard having a twin across the country! haha.