Saturday, July 17, 2010

A Peek Inside

Here's a little peek inside my beautiful Jill-E camera bag:

For a shoot, I packed my bag! There are three inner compartments. Really you could have it however you want because of the removable dividers. I wanted three:

In the first one, on the left, I packed several age appropriate toys. A dump truck, a set of stacking cups, a squishy toy, and 2 spoons. The spoons might be my favorite thing to pack, because most kids under 2 can be distracted with something bright and shiny. Also, if you have two, you can hand them to the parent to clang together, and, voila, instant noise maker!This is the compartment on the far right, where I usually store my camera. It has an extra piece of cloth on the bottom for added screen protection.

The dual zip top of the camera bag has these great mesh pockets, where you could store memory cards and such, but I use it to store assorted ribbon and my receipts. The ribbon is great for when a client's outfit/hair needs a little bit of a punch. or if you want to add something to a prop!

The outside of the bag has two giant pouches that magnetically close. I keep a lens cloth and my battery charger in one, and my phone and keys in the other.

I LOVE how easily accessible this bag is and how comfortable it is to wear!


Brittany said...

I WANT this bag!!!!!

LeAnna said...

I totally want one of those! They are so awesome!