Friday, July 16, 2010

A Walk In the Park

We have a huge park right by our house.

Big, open, well manicured fields.

Gorgeous floral beds.

Fountains and reflection ponds.

Towering cypress and redwood trees.

Tons of winding sidewalks just screaming to be jogged on!

So Ian and I headed there on Sunday for a job together.

As we approached the park center, I noticed some sort of carnival or festival getting under way. There were tents and bouncy houses, a stage and food vendors.

Then, right as we entered into the festival area, a large, 100 foot banner was strung from one side to the other.

A large RAINBOW banner.

eh. heh. heh.

So we just carried on, making lap after lap, trying to ignore the interesting characters that were rapidly filling our favorite park.

{more nervous laughter here}

The Surrey Pride 2010 festival was very. um. Colorful.

And then a live band came on, singing "It's Raining Men," and we decided to head home.

Wasn't that an interesting story?

And also, the song "What a Girl Wants," is forever ruined for me.



chloƫ. said...

oh YUCK. how misfortunate.

Lauren said...

Ughhh...bummer! Definitely don't enjoy those awkward moments.

Brittany said...

HA HA HA. This did not quite end as I would have predicted! lol!

Courtney said...

That's an awesome story, Brittney. Woohoo for a cultural experience?/a good story! Maybe you should visit again

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! That is hilarious. You guys just probably looked at each other like oh boy! Have a great weekend.

Callie said...

Oh, how sad. It sounds like a lovely park though. Maybe you can get a walk in when there's not one of those festivals going on!