Monday, September 6, 2010


It's 12:36 am, on Tuesday morning, and I should be headed to bed.

Instead, I'm fighting the urge to stay up until 2:45. Again. Our schedule is way off right now.

Ian and I just finished the last of our "labor day," festivities, expatriate style.

Chocolate chip pancakes with sugar free (yuck) syrup. The final episode of Lois and Clark, and a snuggle in bed as we watched Bridge to Terabithia.

Ian liked it, though it was a little more sad than he was expecting. Apparenlty he never read the book. Poor deprived child.

I spent the majority of our labor day in bed or rushing to the bathroom, thanks to a non blogable stomach virus I've had yesterday and today. I thought it was food poisoning, but it's lasting a bit longer than that usually lasts.

Too Much Information?

My bad.

Words are still escaping me as to the nature of our adjustment to this new country. I'm sure my inability to write about it is some form of culture shock, but I choose to shrug it off.

And I still am not into taking pictures.

I know. I know. I really should.
It's just that, well.
It's all a little bit confusing.

It's so hot out that we aren't doing much exploring right now. Mainly staying inside and putting the finishing touches on unpacking. And when we do go out? Well, it's with other people that are security conscious, much like us. Which means that I can't really take pictures of them. Boo.

As I type all of this, my all time favorite comfort cd is loading into my iTunes. I am not sure why I never loaded it, but I guess I haven't really thought about it in a couple of years.

It's by a band called Ninth Hour, which was a small Christian band that played at my 8th and 9th grade camp. I'm pretty sure they aren't together anymore.

{You can actually find the CD, called Awake and Dreaming, on Amazon, used, for less than 10 bucks. It's an awesome CD!}

My favorite song was called Lindsay's Song, and was a sweet song of peace and comfort. I used to fall asleep to it on repeat during my high school days.

And today? Today I'm praising God for this reminder of His Love and Peace during these trying days.

Lindsay's Song

Walk besides, walk besides
Still waters once again.

Lose your mind,
Lose your mind.

Set your heart at rest,
Oh one more time.

Throw away your doubts,
Throw away your fears,
and dance on by,
dance on by.

Even though the sky don't look
so sunny today,
You're okay.

Cause the One who paints the night,
He will be your light.

Let Him hold you in His arms,
And that's where you'll find peace.

Cause He can wipe away your tears,
I'll pray for you,
Pray for me.

Won't you lay down, sister, lay down,
In the green grass.
Lay down once more.

Let the wings,
Let the wings of His love,
Come and carry you away.

Cause he knows your hopes,
and He knows your dreams,
So sail away,
Sail away.

Even though the waters looks so,
Troubled today.
You're okay.

Cause the One who calms the storms,
He will keep you safe and warm.

Let Him hold you in His arms,
And that's where you'll find peace.

Cause He can wash away your fears,
I'll pray for you.

If He holds the birds of the air,
And He makes the flowers bloom.
Don't you worry,
No, don't fear,
How much more precious are you.

Child of God,
Child of God,
Come and rest your weary soul.

Come and take His hand,
Take His hand,
You don't have to walk alone.

Cause He will be your shelter,
He will be your strength,
So hold on tight,
Please hold on tight.

Even when the winds seems to carry you away,
You're okay.

Cause the One who holds the stars,
He is right there where you are.

So let Him hold You in His arms,
And that's where you'll find peace.

Cause He can wipe away your tears,
I'll pray for you,
Pray for me.


Anonymous said...

What a sweet song! I'm sorry you're sick and I'm praying you feel better. :)Haha I like the part about Ian being a deprived child because he never read Bridge to Terabithia. :D Have a blessed day!

Truly His said...

Amazing SONG! I have never heard that before and it truly blessed me! Thank you for posting this!!

Rachel and John said...

yikes! I hope you feel better!

Kelli said...

It is a big adjustment Brit. I talk to Dad about you every day. Make sure you are reading his letters for daily encouragement! Your picture is on my wall at work so I see you most of the day. You sure are cute.