Thursday, September 2, 2010

Let There Be Water!!

If you have traveled anywhere outside of the USA, you have probably been given the advice "Don't Drink The Water!"

This holds true in almost any place, for a variety of reasons, even if the city is modernized/westernized. Since water is treated in each US city using a certain chemical mixture (for example, FL uses a Chlorine heavy treatment,) your stomach is used to this combination. Travel to a place that treats their water differently, even if the water is bacteria/amoeba free, the chemical treatment can really mess you up!

All that being said, we live in a place that {maybe} treats their water, but probably has amoebas/worms in the water.

So...I'm not going to drink that, if at all possible, though I may use it to brush my teeth.

And by may, I mean, I totally do.

So, it's pretty common to see water coolers in people's houses, and we bought ours over a week ago. Unfortunately our motivation stopped there, and we never unboxed it or bought water jugs for it. Until tonight!

Ian unboxed it and carried into the kitchen, where he promptly put on a new water bottle, only to have it all come gushing out an open valve on the back. Ha!

Luckily {I guess,} the kitchens and bathroom all have these open drains that you can just squeegee water right into.

Have I ever mentioned my fear of drains? NO?! It was completely logical, I promise. I was convinced, for most of my teenage years that someone could easily be standing underneath our shower drain looking up. It freaked me out.

Did I ever mention I lived in FL, where you can't dig down 2 feet without hitting water/rock? So clearly it would make sense for a PERSON to be living under my drain. Ha.

Since we're talking about weird fears here, let me also inform you that I was convinced you shouldn't breathe the air in a closed garage. So, whenever I was sent out into our garage to fetch something, I would hold my breath the entire time. That fear served me well in developing a freakishly large lung capacity.

My swim coach thanked my weird fears later.

Right. Water.

Finally, we got it cleaned up, valve closed, and reattempted the water jug insertion.

Now to wait for the cool water to cool off!


Alison said...

Yay!! Good water!! This makes me appreciate the little things I take for having clean water to drink!! :)

LeAnna said...

To this day I share a completely illogical fear of drains, also. I don't like 'em, not one bit!

Hurrah for non wormy water, though!

Rachel and John said...

how lovely!!

Jessica said...

I'm glad you got the water situation worked out! When my youth group went to Belize, we stayed at a YWAM. We were so careful while we were there to only drink bottled or filtered water (to the point that I was suffering from sever heat exhaustion from not drinking enough...we seemed to run out of our bottled water so quickly). At the end of the week, we found out the water we had been drinking out of these coolers at YWAM, which we thought had been filtered somehow, wasn't at all. We had been drinking the water the whole time without knowing it! Luckily we were only there for a week, and I don't think any of us got sick or anything!

Oh, and now I think I will be legitimately scared of drains for the rest of my life, too! lol!

Anonymous said...

yay for water!! :) And good water, hehe. Don't feel bad about the drain thing, we all have our fears even if they seem stupid! haha.