Sunday, November 28, 2010

21 Weeks

Wow, what a crazy pregnancy week! Baby's first kicking, first heartburn, a head cold, and the first Braxton Hicks Contractions!

How far along?
21 weeks! That means that we are "more than halfway," to meeting Baby Galloway!

Total weight gain: We'll find out this week. I'm guessing 5 pounds. But that would surprise me, seeing as that would mean I would have gained five pounds in one month. But, on the other hand, the holidays and the surplus of baked goods isn't going to help the "slow and steady," motto, I believe. I am proud that I've been told I've only gained it in my baby bump, and not all over as a general sense of pudge (yay for eating wisely!)
(me and baby Galloway, 21 weeks along. Plus a horrible head cold that had me wheezing and sneezing all day. Hence the pasty white face that is "smiling" for a picture.)

Baby Bump? YES! Definitely, definitely, yes! I've even been wearing some of my "tighter," shirts just so that I can see that I really do have a baby bump. My belly button seems a little off center to me, which bugs me and my love for all things symmetrical, but, oh well!

(bump from the front)

Maternity clothes? Mainly my maternity jeans. In two weeks we're making a run to the big city and I am going to HAVE to get another pair or two of maternity pants. Boo. I really don't want to spend the money on them, as we're a little tight this month, but oh well! (wow, I've said that twice in two paragraphs!)

Cravings: No, though I really feel like baking lately, but I don't necessarily feel like eating it, ha!

Symptoms: Wow, what a week. My first heartburn, ever! Like, in my entire life. I was quite the baby about it, but I blame it on my already raw throat from a cold.

Also, I had my first Braxton Hicks Contractions on Thanksgiving Night. I was really freaked out by it, but I guess it's alright! My belly got rock hard and I was in alot of pain (though everywhere you read it says they are "painless." My butt, they are painless!)

I had been standing doing dishes, so I kind of sat on the edge of the couch and hunched forward. I had 3 within about 10 minutes, then Ian had me lay down because he was getting nervous. As soon as I laid down they stopped and my belly started to relax.

As soon as they stopped I got online to figure out what was normal and was really scared. I figured they were just Braxton Hicks, but, considering our hospital is on the other side of an international border, I wasn't about to take any chances. Everything I read said call your doctor or go in if you have four or more, and since mine stopped at 3, I stopped worrying.

I haven't had any since, so that's good! I'll will definitely be bringing this incident up to my doctor on Wednesday though, and finding out what, exactly, I would do if it happened a 4th time!

Sleep: I'm really trying to drop my afternoon nap as that helps me sleep more solidly at night, but some days I just can't make it!

Best moment this week: Baby kicking for the first time! It happens all the time now and I can't wait until Ian can feel it! Chocolate milk worked to get baby moving one day, when I hadn't felt anything all day, so I'm thinking my penchant for all things chocolate must be genetic.

Movement: Yes! Started last Monday and seems to be all the time! Especially between 9-12 pm, which is fine with me, because that's usually when I've kicked my feet up and am resting/reading/studying on the couch, and am not trying to sleep yet.

Gender: We find out on Wednesday! I have gotten mixed guesses from EVERYONE, so it'll be fun to find out. I think we might have decided on a girl's name. Maybe. We kind of both said "yeah, we like that alot!" about a month ago, and haven't talked about it since then. ha! I'm sure later this week I'll have some great news to share with you guys!

Belly Button in or out? Still in. And definitely slightly off center.

What I miss: Not having back pain every day. It feels like a pinched nerve in my lower left back, and every night it starts throbbing around 7. I've tried stretching, moving more during the day, having Ian massage it, but nothing works. I hope I can find a solution soon.

Weekly Wisdom: Enjoy this phase of life while you have it. This is our last holiday season as just grown ups. Though I know we will love it with a baby in tow, I'm learning to sit back and just enjoy what we have now.

Milestones: Baby Kicking, Braxton Hicks (is that a milestone? I don't really know.)


Unknown said...

I can't wait for you to announce what you are having!!!

Lyndsey said...

My What to Expect When You're Expecting book says we should be gaining about 1 lb. per week from here on out so 5 lbs. in one month is pretty normal I think! Especially with the holiday season - nonprego people can gain that much, haha! Your baby bump is super cute!! Can't wait to hear what you're having!

Natalie said...

you look great!!!
how exciting that you have started to feel the baby! and that you are finding out the gender so soon!!!

Jessica said...

I had to laugh at your belly button and your love of all things symmetrical. Haha...I am the same way!! I have a weird thing for symmetry and right angles. My sister never lets me hear the end of it.

I'm so excited that you have begun to feel the baby moving!! And I bet you are soo excited for this Wednesday to come! Praying that the baby doesn't feel shy that day :-)

Amber said...

Hey! Found your blog on Callie's blog...a note about the back pain. Prenatal yoga works wonders! Seriously! I've had back problems my whole life and started doing yoga last year (before I was pregnant), and it's absolutely amazing what it can do for you. I've continued it since I've been pregnant, and it's relieved so much pain!

d.a.r. said...

You look SO great!!! How is labor and delivery and prenatal care over there? Is it similar to that in the US?

Brian and Ashley said...

Brittney, I'm so excited for you guys and have loved following you week by week! I've never had heart burn either, so I imagine when I get pregnant, I will be a baby about it too :) I can't wait to find out whether it's a boy or girl!

Callie said...

Your baby bump is so cute! I think the Braxton Hicks would have freaked me out too. I'm not sure if I've had any yet or not - I've had this weird sensations where it feels like there's a band around my middle, and I was wondering if that was a Braxton-Hicks, but not sure. I'm going to the doc today though, so I guess I could ask. I can't wait to find out the gender!
It sounds like some sciatic nerve pain in your lower back - I had that same exact thing, only it was really sharp pain for me. I don't know if there are chiropractors out there? But getting an adjustment really seemed to help me. Also, try laying on your back, and putting one ankle against the other knee, then grab your thigh and pull your legs toward your chest and hold for a minute. That stretch really helped me.

Unknown said...

Hope the braxton kicks settle down and your baby bump is adorable! Cannot wait for the sex. I reckon a boy!

Ria @ Life as a Wife! said...

You are sooooooo sweet :) I love the photos! Hope your head cold clears FAST!