Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Break and a Chance to Breathe

We finished our language school week early this week. After only a three day week, Ian and I came home and absolutely collapsed.

I took a four hour nap, because, obviously, that's a great plan.

Ian played a video game and zoned out reading online news.

Mac and cheese for dinner (one of five sacred boxes,) book reading, and talking to my momma.

And that, my friends, is how we kicked off the Christmas break 2010.

We don't really have great plans for Christmas break or Christmas itself, but we are so happy to have a change of pace for six days.

I fully intend on making copious amounts of christmas cookies (chocolate candy cane, snickerdoodles, and sugar cut outs,) watching my way through many episodes of Alias, season one (my friend here lent me the season,) and making headway on Baby Girl's baby blanket. I'm crocheting it and I really want to make progress. Now I'm just hoping I brought enough of this color to complete it, after all, I've only ever made a scarf, ha!

Ian had an exciting moment yesterday- he finally felt baby girl kick! It was such a sweet moment. We were snuggled in bed after a rather stressful day and Ian was reading Peter Rabbit to my belly (aka the baby.) He had his hand resting on my lower belly and when she kicked I saw him flinch (in a good way. He hadn't ever responded before when she kicked and he was trying to feel it,) so I knew that he felt something. He felt 2 more kicks and then was sufficiently satisfied that our daughter wasn't giving him the cold shoulder.

I hope those of you on breaks are enjoying your time off, and I hope that everyone who doesn't get a real break has a non stressful, holiday joy filled week!


Callie said...

That's exciting that Ian finally got to feel the baby move! I hope you have a lovely Christmas break, and make some headway on that blanket - that's on my list of things to accomplish too - finish Babykin's blanket.

Alison said...

Yay for a break! And I'm so glad that BOTH of you are feeling baby girl move!! :)

Unknown said...

So good that Ian finally was able to feel baby girl move. Have a lovely break and enjoy making her blanket :)

Jessica said...

I'm so glad you guys get a few days to relax! And that is so sweet how Ian felt the baby kick for the first time :-)

katie said...

What a nice early Christmas present for him!

Anne @ Sincerely, Britches said...

Have a great time on your break and enjoy those cookies!! Ahhh, Alias! My hubby got my hooked on that last year and it was soooo good! :) Merry Christmas!