Sunday, December 26, 2010

Recap 2010- February

February found us settled into our new home in Virginia, making new friends, and learning so much about our new jobs.

Our days were spent in a classroom/seminar environment from 9 am until 4 pm, dinner at 5, and homework, social, and free time in the evening. All meals were in the campus' cafeteria nad we loved having meals with different families each night.

I fell in love with little red haired "J," and took every chance I could to babysit and photograph him!
Ian learned the fine art of "digging out," of snow, as we got a total of almost 4 feet over two weekends.
Our cookies arrived for us and some friends (not all for us!) and we loved one last chance of this late winter "tradition."
I took a Saturday to drive into Washington DC to see my sister. I got to go with her to her wedding dress fitting which was so special, especially since I wasn't able to be by her side for all of the wedding planning.
My friend Raphaela visited! We showed her our campus then she and I went shopping for the afternoon. So good to get to see her again!
We began the {somewhat} painful process of getting medically ready to move overseas. Three different vaccination days (2-5 vaccines a day) and the week long typhoid pills. My pills made me really sick for the week, which was not fun!

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