Monday, December 27, 2010

Recap 2010- March

March flew by in a whirlwind of activities. We were now familiar and comfortable in our new home, had made good friends that kept us entertained, and all the while we knew our time was wrapping up.
In early March, I threw my sister a bridal shower in DC. Filled with cupcakes, flowers, and delicious food, I was so happy to finally have a chance to partake in the traditional pre wedding festivities.
Our good friends John and Onastazia came out to visit us on campus and we spent the afternoon catching up, eating, and playing some frisbee golf.
We took a day trip into DC to do some touristy type things, including eating at a Moroccon restauarant and visiting a museum.
We had church outside, on the grounds of a gorgeous park, and loved worshiping together with fellow believers.
And then the goodbyes came. Our time wrapped up so quickly and suddenly we were looking ahead to the next major move (Canada!)
But, before that could happen, we make the long drive from Virginia to Florida to do some repacking, and I surprised my best friends at church!
Then, the saddest part. Ian parted with his first (and only,) car, his 2001 Honda Accord. His dad offered to find us a buyer so we left it with him and hit the road in a rented car and our few worldly possessions for Tennessee (72 hours after making it to Florida! crazy!)
In Tennessee, my mom and I worked on my sister's wedding arrangements and on a few house projects.


Kelley said...

what a fun march! I would love to go to DC!

Alison H said...

#1: I LOVE that picture of you and Ian! Ya'll are quite the handsome couple (don't I sound all uppity and British calling you a "handsome couple"?)
#2: I'm gonna need to see a full family picture cause you and your sister...hmmm...I need to see you next to each other!
#3: I like this chronicling the year thing. It's neat. If it was me, I'd probably just link back to my previous posts... he he he.
#4: Love you, sister.