Friday, December 17, 2010

Storage Space Redux

When we moved into our flat back in August, and unpacked our suitcases and trunks, we noticed right away that this place was lacking in storage space.

The kitchen is pretty decent, but all other parts of the house had nothing. Except for our wardrobe in our room, there aren't any cupboards, closets, or shelves.

(here is our wardrobe, before. It wasn't very well designed inside. One bar for hanging clothes on each of our sides, and in the middle door space, only one shelf. It left us scratching our heads and wondering "why?!")

This really wasn't much of a problem when we first got here, because all of our worldly things had been trimmed down to fit into 8 suitcases.

But after several months of settling in and buying the necessities of life (aka clothes that would work in the desert as compared to clothes that worked in Canada,) we were finding ourselves in need of some more storage space.

And on a pretty limited budget.

With no access to furniture stores.

So, our trusty handyman friend found an Indian carpenter to come in and do some work for us. He installed four shelves and two more hanging bars for our wardrobe. It made things so nice in our bedroom! We were able to take all of our clothes out of our end tables and stacked against the wall and neatly store them away. Plus everything is folded or hung up which lends itself to fresher clothes.

Our shoes we moved from inside the wardrobe to the top of it, which I'm loving!

Here is our wardrobe, after!
Then he put into our bathroom, (which had nothing for storage, so we were storing everything in our bedroom end tables,) a brand new custom made shelving unit. Wish I had a picture of that. It's the perfect fit for this tiny space in our bathroom, I love it.

When we do the nursery, we're already looking into including tons of storage options, so that won't be a problem. Our family room doesn't really need much storage or display, but our ottoman doubles as a storage unit because the top comes off. I store all of my linens (all 3 of them, ha!) inside of it.

We're so happy with the changes we've made in making our house more of a home! Don't you just love organization?


Ria @ Life as a Wife! said...

LOVE organization!! :-) Sounds like you got it figured out!

Rachel and John said...

I love an organized closet! I can't wait to do our Nursery closet!

~M~ said...

Great use of space!!