Sunday, February 13, 2011

32 Weeks

Sans Picture.

Or, as we would say in Arabic, bedoon picture.

Except they wouldn't say picture, they would say surra.


I don't have a picture for this week. Sad, I know. But I blame it on the fact that I have been insanely lazy. No desire to fix my hair or, you know, wear anything other than pajamas.

And although some girls have the self confidence to post pictures of themselves in their pajamas or right as they are crawling into bed, I, do not.

And I'm really okay with that.

You should be too, because I'm sparing you some pretty horrifying images.

{horrifying might be a bit strong of a word, but I can guarantee you I wouldn't be getting comments on how cute I looked, ha!}

And, since I'm already not going to have my conventional post because of the lack of picture, I think I'm going to throw the norm completely out of the window and just give a mini diatribe on what is going on this week.

32 weeks. We've been ushered into the 8th month.

8 months people!

That means Grace could be making her {safe} arrival anytime in the next 4 to {Please God, no!} 10 weeks.

Not that I don't want Grace to be safe and cozy. And I'm really not that uncomfortable (yet.) I am just so impatient to see her little sweet face and hold her in my arms.

As of my appointment a week ago, I was at 20 pounds total gained. My Dr. was happy with that, so I am too.

My appetite has waned severely over the last 6-7 days and I find myself eating my normal breakfast (oatmeal, 8 ounces of milk, and a banana or yogurt,) my stretched out lunch (I eat over each break between class a sandwich, crackers, and fruit or veggies,) but then that is IT.

I come home from school by 1:30 and I am full. To the brim. Dinner time rolls around and I am not hungry. Poor Ian has been living off of leftovers and lamb burgers for the last week.

It's been a good chance for him to clean out the fridge. And the pantry. And the cupboard.

I do usually eat something around 8 so I can take my vitamins, but a small bowl of cereal of another glass of milk barely counts as a "meal."

Other than a lack of appetite I'm feeling really good. My back pain has lightened and my sleep is still not very good but I get less distraught when I am awake all night. My belly button is still an innie and my feet swell slightly if I sit on my legs (bad habit, I know.)

On a completely unrelated pregnancy thought, my nurse handed me a kick count worksheet to fill out over this month with the directions being absurd.

Seriously, who thought of these directions?

I've been told I must lay on my left side, for one hour, after breakfast, lunch, and dinner, counting all of her kicks for that hour.


First of all, who gets with enough time to eat breakfast and then lay around for an hour before moving on with their day? Not I.

Second of all, whose great idea was it to have pregnant {read, extraordinarily tired} woman lay awake for an hour? I tried on the first day and lasted for 25 minutes before completely passing out. Grace surprised me with an astonishing 52 kicks though in those 25 minutes.

I gave up after the second day and am just going to put some, um, averages, down before my next appointment.

I'm loving the sure "One Born Every Minute," and will eagerly spend the 2.99 on each episode every week. I consider it the closest thing we'll get to Birthing Class. Did I not tell you about how we can't go to birthing class? Well, we can't. It's on one side of the border and we live on the other. And, unless we want to shell out 200 dollars in visa fees and do border runs for 4 hours every Wednesday for five weeks, we're just going to have to "wing it."

Which I'm fine with, but seeing as Ian has never even watched "A Baby Story," he might be in for a big surprise come Birth Day.

I think I officially began nesting. Ian sat back in amazement as I cleaned the entire house on Saturday, made check list after check list, and generally went non stop, all day. There's not much I can actually do on the nursery right now, but after this week we'll get to make some serious progress.

This week I finally have some distraction from all things "sitting and waiting." We have school all week long, Valentines on Monday, payday on Tuesday (important!) my birthday on Wednesday, my baby shower on Friday, and my Dr. appointment on Sunday.


But a good busy.

I love it.


Rachel and John said...

My doctor told me to count kicks for a total of 1 hour a day, whenever I felt like it. So when Henry is active I count. He also told me that I just need 6 movements in 1 usually I stop after 15 minutes max. That's crazy that they want you to count so often and for the entire hour!

Unknown said...

I cannot believe how quickly your pregnancy is progressing! Won't be long until Grace is here!

Is that One Born Every Minute (UK version)? I LOVE it. I don't think I go an episode without crying.

Emily Powell said...

8 months! oh my!!!

Alison said...

Can't believe you are already 32 weeks!!! WOW!! And you have only gained 20 pounds...I'm impressed! I gained 45 pounds with Caty! Ha! :) I ate even when I wasn't hungry...not fun trying to loose the weight after I had her! :)

leah said...

I can't believe your appetite is gone, mine totally increased around that time. And I'm still hungry all the time now! My doctor said to make sure I could feel 10 kicks within an hour. Emery knocks that out in about 5 minutes so it's easy for me. Either way I didn't have to lay down or do anything like that. Crazy!