Sunday, July 24, 2011

Mini Vacation 2011- Day Two

I actually don't think this was "day two," but rather "event number two," of our vacation.

But "Mini Vacation 2011- Event Two," sounds weird, doesn't it?

We were in Muscat, Oman, on a mini family vacation, staying with friends of ours and exploring some of this beautiful city. I wish I could sit down with all of you, with a cup of coffee and alot of time to share my love for the Middle East and its people. Oman did not fail to meet my expectations, with a genuinely welcoming people.

On our second night there, (okay, so it was day two!) we headed out to a souq (said like soup but with a "k" sound at the end and it just means market) that was old.

I know, I'm really informative, but there wasn't exactly a tour guide standing around to give me information.

So...I just made up a story as I went along!

History schmistory.

We arrived at the Souq right as it was closing (depressing!) but were able to make a quick run through one part of the labyrinth.

It is such a neat blending of cultures. Oman has the unique position, geographically, to have influence from the Arab world, Africa, and India!
The is the traditional hat for the locals. The red/white black/white checkered scarf like head dress that you see on some Arab men, is indicative of where they are from. Different patterns can mean different tribes/countries (though this is changing in the past couple of years,) so that is why it is SO important that you don't buy one and wear it without understanding what it represents (if you ever travel to this region.)

These are different from the scarf like head dress and is particular to Oman!
Have you ever seen Amazing Race? Well, this was one of their challenges- to bring some incense to Ali Baba's, and this is Ali Baba!
The souq was beautiful and we look forward to retuning when we have more time to savor all of the sights and do a little shopping!


Amanda said...

I had the most VIVID flashback/déja vu looking at those pictures! When I was in Oman, we lived just a hop and a skip from the souq and went there daily. The hustle and bustle, the mix of cultures, the smells...all combine to make it one of the most interesting places I've ever been! I want to get out my scrapbook and look through all my photos now, ha! Can't believe my month there was almost 5 years ago time flies.

Michal Renee said...

Man I love the history and culture behind all these places! I would love the opportunity to be able to visit this place. The architecture just looks so ornate and massive!! Maybe one day... :)