Friday, September 30, 2011


It's official. I've hit 700 posts. 702 actually.

And to be even more specific, this post will make 703.

703 times I have logged on and written about our lives.

3 and a half years in the making and we've hit 700! I'm a little amazed.

And if 700 posts have taught me anything, it is that a post on nothing but the amount of posts you have written is not really a good post.

So, moving on.

We've taken the weekend off and are on a little retreat/getaway for Ian's 25th birthday with some friends of ours.

We have big plans of eating, shopping, and, you know, being around actual civilization.

We got word from Ian's company that our car will be taken away come January, for financial reasons. bleh.

Did I mention that Ian turns 25 this weekend? And that Grace turns 6 months? And that we are starting her on solid foods? Time sure does fly!

We've been watching the first season of Community, and we've really enjoyed it. It is different, but funny! As soon as you accept that it is not a different version of The Office, it is great!

I'm off to enjoy my weekend! I hope you do too!!


Tami said...

So sorry to hear about the car. I hope you guys don't have to buy one here because I can tell you that it is such a hassle! Hope you guys enjoy your weekend.

Lauren said...

congrats on #700 posts!

and have a fabulous weekend really is crazy how fast time flies!

Callie said...

Yay for the 700's! I'm right there with ya. It amazes me that I've been able to think of that much to write about - ha! I think I need to host a big giveaway or something when I reach 1000...

That stinks that the car is getting taken away. :-/