Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Life Marches On

Life Marches On
Or is it Time Marches on?

I'm not really sure, because both seem right.

I've been struggling lately.

With homesickness, fatigue, language overload, policy changes, our apartment flooding, financial responsibility, death of a family member, miscommunications with loved ones so far away, and have I mentioned the fatigue?

I am not complaining, even if it sounds like it.

It just is what it is.

There have been some mighty victories in my life lately.

I've come to terms with several things that was giving me great anxiety. I've had a chance to talk with some of my family members and some of my close friends. I started accountability with a friend and it has been so relieving to have someone to open up to.

I've had some great time out in the community, talking with locals. I've become more comfortable on this side of the world.

Life marches on.

Despite my absence from the blogging world, Ian still had his 25th birthday, Grace turned 6 months, we had a lovely weekend away, our apartment flooded, we had our first round of language tests for the semester, and Ian went on his first business trip since Grace was born.

Life marches on.

Whether I blog about it or not.

One day, I will find the energy to remember these last couple of weeks and share about them, but for now, I breathe in the sweet scent of my baby's clean head, snuggle close to my husband, and try not to fall asleep on my homework.


Rachel and John said...

Life is crazy. I can't imagine doing all the things you do every day. You are one strong lady.

Callie said...

Sorry you've been feeling so tired out lately. :-/ No worries on not blogging, just living life is enough to worry about sometimes!

Alison said...

Life has been crazy around here lately too! All my blog posts have been short and sweet...sometimes I think I should just start "tweeting"! :)