Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Our Thanksgiving

First, an update on the housing situation: We got the approval for the financial side of things, but we realized to be anywhere near the square footage allowance would mean closing off far too many rooms, so we've turned down the house. There is just too much wasted space in the hallways. Boo.

I've been bummed all afternoon but my wonderful husband has helped me redeem the evening by letting me not cook dinner (instead we ate chocolate cereal. awesome.) and watching Army Wives (so good, and not as skanky as I would have guessed!)

Thanksgiving 2011 was Ian and my 4th Thanksgiving spent together.

In 2008 I was sick as a dog but drudged my way through it (turns out I was seriously allergic to my down comforter at my in-laws.)

In 2009 we were at my in-laws again and their 2 dachshunds tried to eat my Uggs. Sad, but that is the only thing I remember/know about that Thanksgiving!

In 2010, last year for those of you confused about what year we are currently in, we were living here in the Middle East, and had a potluck dinner with some friends of ours. It was our first real holiday away from the States and I did all I could to keep it together and not cry all night.

This year was a great improvement. Same group of people (basically) and same (wonderful) food but I wasn't on a precipice for emotional disaster all night long.

We got there before the sun was down and I helped set up the buffet while Ian and Grace hung outside watching the big kids bounce on the trampoline...

Then dinner rolled around and we fed Grace THREE cups full of mashed potatoes before digging into a delicious buffet full of American goodies. We had some people from Syria, South Africa, South Korea, and England there as well, along with some of their foods, but I had to be very un-PC and not eat their foods. It's Thanksgiving! I only have so much room on my plate!

I brought deviled eggs, a green salad, Northern style stuffing, and apple cobbler. I chose easier dishes since we had school all day and then would only have a couple of hours before we had to be at dinner.

My favorite dish to eat this year? Sweet Potato Casserole. My friend had to dye the sweet potatoes orange though, since ours are a whitish/gray when mashed, but it was amazing!!

It was a good evening and we packed up and headed out shortly after we ate so that we could skype with our families before they sat down to lunch.

I'm looking forward to next year, when we are in a home with an actual table. I think I'll cook my first Thanksgiving meal and host, so that we can have Thanksgiving like we like- a little more formal with more hang out time during the cooking process and afterward!

If anyone wants to mail us a dvd of the Macy's day parade I'd love to see it!
This year, I am so thankful for my husband, sweet daughter, family members who try so hard to stay connected, friends who love me despite the distance, and the technology that holds us all together, ha!

May this season of Thanks continually remind you how blessed we all are!

Happy Thanksgiving from the Galloways!


Tami said...

I'm sorry to hear about the house but I know out guys will find something that is perfect for you. I don't know what area y'all are looking at but if you ever want to check out out villa/compound let me know. :) Im so glad you had a good Thanksgiving with lots of good food.

Alison H said...

AMAZING family picture! You look great!

Lauren said...

bummer about the house...but I'm sure there'll be something even better for you guys! and so glad you were able to enjoy Thanksgiving from so far away!

Jessica said...

Sorry to hear about the house :-/ But it sounds like you guys had a great Thanksgiving!

katie said...

What a great time! You look joyful and like a very happy family!

Dumb question probably, but is a green salad one with lettuce or is it something else? I saw someone else say they made a green salad and I realized that I didn't know if it was a special Thanksgiving dish or a regular type of salad with things like carrots, or tomatoes, or cucumber or whatever other veggies / nuts / fruits people like with lettuce.

Callie said...

Aw, I love that last picture of the three of you! I'm glad you had a good Thanksgiving. :-)

~Stephanie said...

I'm curious if the space allowance is per number of people in your family or per family total. We have four children, so that would be a big difference for a family like ours.