Monday, December 5, 2011

Happy Eight Months, Grace!

Grace turned 8 months old on December 2nd! Somehow this feels like such a huge milestone in the first year.

Things are a little repetitive this month, my apologies.

Clothes: She is still in 3-6 month old clothes. She's worn everything in this size except for a couple of dresses. It's started to get "chilly," here and she doesn't have enough pants in this size, I'm kind of ready for her to move up but I don't want her to! Plus there is no way she could fit in 6-9 months stuff- way too big!

Food: During her seventh month, we really struggled with breastfeeding. She wasn't latching on well, she didn't want to stay focused, my milk was low, our schedule was hectic, etc. I finally began truly thinking about supplementing with formula, since she was on the low side for her weight and since I couldn't get my milk supply back up. We pressed on though, and continued nursing every 3 hours from 7 am until 7 pm until just a couple of days before she turned 8 months, when we began supplementing her mid morning feed with a bottle.

While in Turkey, Grace began several new foods, including green beans, yogurt, mashed potatoes, chicken, beef, french fries, pears, prunes, bread, and a lick of ice cream, ha!

She is an AMAZING eater and will eat anything we give to her. She loves food and just eats and eats

Sleep: Grace sleeps from 7pm until 7am, usually uninterrupted. The week in Turkey, Grace slept on a crib mattress on the floor of our hotel bathroom, with the door closed, and because of hallway noise and a new environment, she woke up every night at least twice. It was rough. I'm not sure how parents do it- having a baby who is this old not sleeping through the night!

When we returned she slept for almost an entire day straight! Poor baby was so tired. It took her about a week to readjust to sleeping through the night but she is all straightened out now.

Activity: Grace learned how to roll this month.

And roll she did.

She loves her time, when we first walk in the door from school and we lay her on our bed. She rolls from one side of the bed to the other, laughing and giggling, pulling her legs up and trying to push off. It's precious, and is my favorite time of the day. Usually, we both plop on the bed with her in between us, laughing and tickling her until she starts rubbing her eyes for a nap.

Sweet baby girl.

Personality: Grace has gotten alot better with being with other people. She has really become a joy to be around and her schedule makes her moods very predictable.

Grace loves being around and watching children. She loves listening and singing along to music. She hates to be left alone on the floor to play while we are getting ready- makes for difficult mornings. She has recently begun protesting during diaper changes (perhaps due to the month long diaper rash we are facing- it was thrush and is just taking awhile to clear up!)

Likes: Grace loves her stacking cups and will lift up a cup to her mouth and SLURP like she is drinking something!

*Her Pacifiers, *food, *naps, *bath time, *teething beads.*


*diaper changes, *rolling on the floor,* being left alone, *being dropped off at daycare.*

Book of the Month: "Shoe Baby," by Joyce Dunbar. Such a fun read, Grace loves when I do the different voices and the pictures are GORGEOUS. Plus, who doesn't like reading a book in an English accent?

Song of the Month: If You're Happy and You Know It was the winner this month. Grace loves this song and starts squealing with delight the minute someone starts singing it!


*Grace had her first "accident," in the bath tub. Made us laugh and I was every so grateful for Ian cleaning up the mess.

*Grace traveled to Turkey and was a hit with the locals. The older people would come up, squeeze her cheeks, kiss her bald head, and say "M'Ash Allah," which is used as a blessing of sorts. I feel like "M'Ash Allah," was the soundtrack for that week, we heard it so many times!

*Grace will smack her lips in between every bite of food. She wants more and MORE food! Recently she started smacking her lips while she is nursing, and if I smack my lips back at her she will smile big and smack back, haha.

*Grace makes a cooing "ahh, ahh, ahh," sound when she is happy, and lately we can "ahh," at her once or twice and she will start "ahhing," with us! She keeps a pretty good beat!

Grace, my sweet baby girl. You are eight months old now, and as we enter into your first holiday season, I want you to remember that I love you, more than you will ever imagine. You are the light in our lives, the laughter in our days. You have taught us so much in your short time on earth and I have a feeling you will continue to do so. My prayer is that you grow big and healthy, and that one day you will come to know Jesus as your Lord and Savior.

Your Momma


Lauren said...

she is so stinkin' cute! and it's so fun to read her updates, makes me crazy to think that my precious Elyse will be in that same position only 8 short months from now! ahhh!!!

Lyndsey said...

How funny that both our babies waited until nearly 8 months to "go" in the tub! Thank goodness for husbands! :)

Happy 8 Months Grace! You sound like such a sweetie pie!

(I looove the picture of her belly-down on the bed. Just precious!)

Tami said...

A couple of things:
1. Grace is just beautiful!
2. We just had someone say M'ash Allah to Emerson yesterday and we had no idea what it meant! :)
3. We have been battling a thrush diaper rash for about a month now. It will clear up for a few days and then come right back.
4. Grace sounds like such a sweet and good-natured baby girl! I can't wait to get her and E together. :)

Lindsay said...

She is Beautiful! :)