Saturday, December 10, 2011

Our Weekend

Our weekend was a long weekend, we had Thursday, Friday, and Saturday off from school! I started off on Thursday with an early morning (my time) skype date with my parents and Grace was cute as a button for them. I went on a walk with my friend and then we spent the rest of the day just lounging around.

Early afternoon I began making preparations for our church's potluck that night but I was feeling really nauseous and ended up having to lay down while Ian finished the food and kept Grace entertained. We went to church anyways but at the end of our service I had to excuse myself because I became very VERY sick. Never fun when that happens, but especially when you are at someone else's house!

Spent the rest of the evening in bed or puking my guts out (sorry, TMI?) and sweet Ian was right there with me. Too bad if he ever gets the stomach bug, he's on his own! I have a very sensitive gag reflex and can't even hear the sound of it before I start gagging. Grace is going to have to have her Daddy hold her hair back when she's sick (just like my Dad did for me when I was little!)

Friday I woke up super early but was feeling better, it must have just been food poisoning. I had some questionable meat that day. And some questionable milk. Hmm.... maybe my food shouldn't be so questionable.

Got Grace up and found out she had puked all in her crib and just slept in it. Praised God that she was okay and that something terrible didn't happen. Promptly bathed Grace and changed her sheets while we got ready and headed to the Big City for the day.

The day, as a whole was a bust. I was exhausted from being sick the day before and Grace was crankier than usual. We had a good lunch at Texas Roadhouse with our friends, but then after that we just didn't enjoy ourselves like we usually do. We might have to go on a Big City strike for awhile.

Ian forgot that one of the main reasons we went that day was to do stocking shopping (we're not doing presents for each other this year, just a few little things for stockings,) and he was so cute when he remembered.

I mean, he remembered when I told him I had to slip away so I could go get something, ha!

Poor man had to think quick on his feet and come up with a shopping plan. 

We left the Big City earlier than we usually do and came home, Ian with a headache and a stomachache (umm, he ate an entire chicken fried steak- he was totally ashamed of himself afterwards, ha!) and literally fell into bed when we walked in the door at 9:30.

9:30! When did I become such an old lady?

We woke up today, Saturday, to a baby girl who wasn't acting herself. She was clammy and wouldn't wake up and I had a million articles from web md running through my head at what it could be. We finally got her awake enough to eat and then she perked up and the clammyness went away. I'm no doctor but my guess would be she was a little dehydrated from not eating or drinking alot while we were in the Big city and from throwing up.

Chores were finished, Arabic was studied (we took our final exam for our first book of Classical Arabic on Wednesday and now get to start book two!) naps were taken, Grace's four Christmas presents were wrapped, and tv was watched.

We ended our weekend with a mini date night, just Ian and I, by playing a game and watching episodes of Army Wives.

Whenever we start a new week at school, our teachers always ask us how our weekend was (in Arabic of course,) and my answer is always, "Too short!"

And this weekend, that holds true, it was much too short!

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Tami said...

Oh girl- I am so sorry to hear that you and Grace were sick. I'm sure you must have been freaked out when Grace didn't want to wake up! Scary stuff! I'm glad that everything turned out okay and you guys are feeling better. I started watching Army Wives when I was back home and I got hooked but then we moved and I never finished. You've got my wanting to get back into it again... :)