Thursday, December 29, 2011

Recap 2011- July

July was another long and slow month for us, as we avoided the heat and tried to survive the long summer.

I was still in class, but Ian wasn't, so we had a simple routine of school, homework, housework, relax, and sleep!

We took a trip to see our friends in Muscat, Oman, where Grace had several firsts.

She had her first trip to the beach and her first swim in the ocean...
She celebrated her first Fourth of July....
And she swam in her first pool!
Our baby girl turned Three Months old this month and we started to see her little personality blossom.
I got to skype with a lot of family and friends in July and got to talk with some loved ones that I had not talked with in a long time!

We had a lot of family snuggle time this month, watched alot of movies, and read a few summer reading choices.
We really just tried to enjoy these early days of Grace's life and our life as a family of three!

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Cara said...

That is such a cute picture with all y'all's feet! :)