Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Recap 2011- June

In June, we finally went to Abu Dhabi for Grace's passport appointment. It was HOT and poor baby sweated alot that day.

We took alot of pictures,
even some funny ones,
and again with the humorous pictures,

and Grace attended her first ballet recital of some friends.

We said goodbye to some dear friends who were moving away,

and went out on our first date for our 3rd anniversary!

We even got a picture from her babysitter to prove she had a great time!

Grace, not the babysitter, that is.

We house hunted for some new language students,
Enjoyed Grace's bath time,

And practiced sitting up!
June was a slow month, with high temperatures and very little to do. We survived though and are glad that June of 2011 would be our only full June stuck in our little town!

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