Sunday, February 12, 2012

Moving on UP!

Well, it's happened. It was a bit overdue but, the master procrastinator had put it off for nearly a month now.

Today, we moved Grace's wardrobe from her 3-6 months clothes to her 6-9 months clothes.

And yes, she is 10 and a half months old.

What pushed us over the edge? When I dressed her today in her sweet little outfit, her shirt only covered her belly button and didn't come all the way down.

I suppose several of her pajamas were too small too, seeing as she couldn't straighten her legs out in them.

I was pretty sad as I packed them away and pulled out the box labeled "6-9 months," but got excited as I saw all of the cute things she gets to wear this season. Sweet sundresses, cute bathing suits, and bright onesies.

And, she drink her formula out of her sippy cup, instead of her bottle, for the first time today!

AND we have plans to make a grocery sore run to get her more finger foods. I just didn't have time to prepare much food for her, so she's been eating baby cereal, plain yogurt, or applesauce for pretty much every meal for a month now.

Big day for the baby girl!

Let's just hope this momma's heart doesn't break from growing pains.


Lyndsey said...

I've just started giving Liam his milk in a sippy this month too! Go Grace!

Glad you can finally fit her into clothes *almost* her right size, haha! Can't wait to see her new cute wardrobe!

Tami said...

Oh girl- I feel you on the growing pains. It's so bittersweet watching our sweet babies grow! She definitely looks like such a big girl standing behind her push toy.

katie said...

What a cutie! Bring out 6-9 month clothes sounds like a really great way to "shop your closet."

Kelley said...

annie is so petite too! I've decided she will probably stay in 6 month clothes forever!