Monday, February 13, 2012

White Bread

Dear White Bread,

The world seems to think that you are synonymous with "plain, simple, or outdated," I prefer to think of you delicious and moist.

You see, we've lived here in the Middle East for over a year and a half now and were unable to find you in your true form. we found something that looked like you, but alas was dry and crumbly.

And you know what else it was missing? Preservatives. Yes, I know, they are "not good for you," and it's better to go with fresh preservative free things, but having bread go moldy in just 2 days got old quickly. We missed having bread available whenever we pleased.

When we were visiting our friends in France, one of our greatest joy, besides eating the delicious fresh French bread, was to eat you, my friend. And in abundance. We even bought a loaf of you and carried you around Paris, so we could have sandwiches on the run.

You have been greatly missed.

Then, just a couple weeks ago, I saw you, in a local store. You, my dear white bread were finally here, in our small village like town! I scooped up a loaf of you and marveled at your fancy red packaging. We had grilled cheese, and turkey sandwiches, and PB and J that week.

You always have a place in our family, white bread.

Welcome home!



Tami said...

Haha! I love this! We actually like wheat bread but even it isn't exactly right. If I had to write one of these it would be to milk and I would beg that it didn't expire in two days! :)

Lauren said...

ha! love this! it's definitely the little things in life that can make us the happiest!