Monday, May 28, 2012

Fun in The Sun

alternatively titled: "how I became a little less ghostly white"

We celebrate Memorial Day weekend much as many Americans do every year- poolside.

We drove about an hour away to a seaside town where we visited a hotel's pool. For the price of a lunch we could use their pool for the day, and in 110+ degree weather, any way to beat the heat is better than none. This pool was covered with sun shades and was empty for the entire day! Our friends the H family and us had the pool to ourselves.

My little family loves the water so much and Grace was just beside herself with glee. She sat on the steps playing with some toys we had brought, floated in her baby float, or swam along beside us. She's gotten pretty good at kicking her legs and reaching forward. She doesn't mind getting her face wet and can blow bubbles in the water. I need to keep working with her at floating on her back- she's got the "scared turtle" syndrome, and freaks out if you flip her on her back!

 We paused only long enough to eat our lunch before diving back in. This picture is a VERY typical facial expression from her daddy's side of the family. Cracks me up.

Grace (and us) loved spending time with her "uncle" B and "aunt" A. She lights up whenever she sees B and will often choose to go to him rather than us! 
 "Happiness is a Sunny Day," reads her rash guard, and I couldn't agree more. Even though we live in the desert and have (I kid you not,) 365 days of sunshine a year, because of the oppressive and dangerous heat, I maybe have spent 10-15 hours total outside in the last 2 years year. Seriously. Not counting the time it takes to walk to and from a taxi.

Being from the Sunshine State, and also, you know, being human, I crave the sun and have been loving the time outdoors we have had in the last month!

 Our afternoon was cut short around the five hour mark because I ran out of swim diapers. Mom fail. I forgot that I hadn't put her in one for the drive to the pool and only packed two. It was a perfect time to leave though, as we all got hungry and thirsty, and we got home in time to skype with Ian's parents and put Grace down at her normal time. Our success of the day? NO one got burnt!


Annie said...

Grace is just adorable! It looks like y'all had a blast at the pool. :]

m said...

Beautiful picture and wonderful family time! Stoppin by from the link up :)

carissa said...

well, wow! what a pool!! glad you had a wonderful time without a burn. that IS success!