Friday, May 25, 2012

It's A.....

You know that this is our second child by the fact that it is four whole days after our gender ultrasound and I'm just now getting around to posting about it. Not that this baby is any less important than our first, but life moves at a different speed right now (ie warp speed, or the speed of light,) and most nights I stare longingly at my computer, willing it to make the jump from the table to me on the couch.

It never budges and nor do I.

We called and told both of our moms when we got home and I sent an email to my sister who is currently traipsing through Europe but that about ended out announcements. We, of course, told our friends here and they shared in the joy with us, but it was much more casual than with my first pregnancy.

On Tuesday,  May 22nd, we went in for our in depth ultrasound. We only had to wait about 20 minutes before being seen. The ultrasound tech chatted with us for a minute while she did the first set of measurements and smiled when I gushed in a hushed whisper "I'm so excited, it's like Christmas!"

I made Ian and I both say what our guess was (we both thought Girl,) and I texted my friend A and asked for her guess (girl as well.)

The tech finished up and said, "Well, there's a chance it's a girl!" And walked out.

We sat baffled, wondering what that meant.

Shortly after, the radiologist came in and began the LONG ultrasound. The picture was blurrier than any ultrasound I had seen, and we both got bored staring at the non descript, fuzzy lines. Finally she turned off the machine and was about to leave when the tech reminded her we were waiting on the gender.

"Well, I can't really be sure because it wasn't very clear, but my guess is it's a girl."

And that was that.

We talked for a minute with her and the tech and they advised trying again in another month to get a clearer shot. They both were pretty confident that it was girl but didn't want to say with certainty.

So, we decided to go with it, since we already have girl things and are designing a gender neutral nursery anyways!

It's a Girl!

(until otherwise noted!)

We're so excited to have a little sister for Grace. I had one sister growing up and that bond between sisters is so special! I'm so ready to see all the similarities and differences between the two and to nurture their relationship over the years!

Sugar and spice and everything nice!


Lyndsey said...

Congrats! That will be fun to have sisters so close together!

Natalie said...

Our ultrasound went kind of like that too! It was our first though so kind of a big deal. It ended up being a girl though ;) Congrats on your second beautiful baby girl!

Kelli said...

Yah for girls! That's exactly how our ultrasound with Abbey was! I was so frustrated because I actually wanted to be surprised and then I let Jason talk me into finding out and they said the same thing, "well, I think it's probably a girl..." WHAT is this probably business?! Healthy and happy is what matter though, right? Praying for that!

Emily Powell said...

Ahh! So exciting! I want a house full of girls! (well...until they are teenagers!)

Tami said...

Oh Brittney! That is such exciting news! Every time I think about our next baby I think how lovely it would be to have another girl so E can have a sister to be close with. I bet she and Grace are going to be the best of friends!

Courtney said...

Man, we were all wrong. We were convinced you were having a boy, like so convinced we thought you had already found out the gender weeks ago and told one of us it was a boy. That makes most of us 0 for 2. But, regardless, YAY!!!

Jessica said...

Congratulations! That's so exciting! You will have so much fun with 2 girls :-)