Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Highs and Lows

I'd say this was a "Weekend Rewind," but as it's been ten days, it's more like "half a month rewind."

Ian had to go out of town for an 8 day business trip. Boo. We met up with him that weekend though as Grace and I were desperate to get away from home.

My small bag packing idea made it easy to get to things, but was a pain dragging everything out to the car and up to the 19th floor.

Grace spent the weekend charming strangers, sleeping in the bathroom, and teething like crazy. She's gone from 2 teeth to 10 in a month!

We spent the weekend with our friends and loved sharing life with them for a couple of days. I really need to splurge and buy a point and shoot because I didn't take any more pictures of that weekend!

We went here for an afternoon:

 and did a little of this:
It was amazing and I can't wait to go back. It was, however, our first time doing a theme/water park since Grace was born and it is a TOTALLY different experience than when it was just the two of us! Not to mention the fact that it was 110 degrees after 2 pm, and that she couldn't go on any slides with us....

We went with our friends and were able to take turns watching our girls and going on slides, but I think that the optimal setting would be for 3 families to go together so that you could go off two couples at a time and get to see and do more! Grace and her friend Lucy had a good time splashing around in the kids area and non of us got burnt, which was quite the feat!

That weekend Ian and I also got to go on a little date and saw The Avengers, we ate at various delicious restaurants, and went swimming at a hotel!

Grace and  I returned by ourselves and waited for when Ian could return (his return date was a little unclear.) He finally got his new visa and his passport back and was able to come home!

We celebrated by.....


I know, this does not sound impressive to most people, but this is Lu Lu's, our town's first grocery store. And also our town's first chain store.

I was the lady weeping over instant oatmeal.

And sobbing over canned tomatoes.

And I might have gotten sniffly over frozen brocolli.

If only I was kidding.

 Previously, our little "gift market," had a produce department that was the size of my couch. There was only one brand of bread and you could tour the entire store in about a minute flat. The new store is MASSIVE. (I know, I'm going a little crazy with the all caps, but you have to understand me on this one.)

There is a bakery.
And a meat department.
And a deli.
And you can buy food already prepared.

It's totally rocking my little world.

And now I can slowly un become a hoarder. It's baffling. I don't have to buy eight cans of tomatoes "just in case they aren't there next time." I don't have to buy every type of baking item because "I never know when I can get it again." I can buy frozen foods, because I don't have to make a trek with it across over international borders!

And now, we are back in our little routine. Going to language school, spending time with friends, studying, and living our normal life. We are down to less than 4 weeks left of language school and can not wait! I can't believe we have almost made it!


Cara said...

For two years my nearest grocery store was 5 hours away. I cannot tell you how valid I think your tears of job are!

Sonya said...

I would probably be excited about a grocery store like that too when considering what you had to use! I love that your friend has on the World Series tshirt even halfway across the globe!

Tami said...

That is so awesome that you guys got a Lulu!! It looks really nice too! How fun that you got to got to the Atlantis. I was just telling Jesse this morning that I really want to go there before we leave here. Poor Grace- 8 teeth in one month!?! I can't imagine!

Lauren said...

yay for a real grocery store! I get excited about new grocery stores even here in Missouri...I can't imagine how excited you must have been!