Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend Rewind

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Little Moments Like This

This past weekend wasn't an exceptionally exciting one, but a sweet time with my family. We ended our week feeling exhausted and stretched thin.

Usually we go into a weekend with planned events and a to do list, a mile long, to accomplish between moments of relaxation. This week however, I surprised Ian (and to be truthful, I surprised myself too,) by saying I had nothing on my to do list- just relaxation and a chance to unwind.

Thursday- The start of our weekend begins Thursday after school gets out. On Thursday nights we have our house group fellowship, and this week was our monthly potluck. I was in charge of the main course this month but because of my stressful week, I decided to make chicken salad and egg salad the night before and take that as our main course. Alot simpler and less impressive than some of our dinners, but I felt it was a necessary weight off of my shoulders.

The chicken salad was amazing (recipe to come,) but I didn't feel like tasting the egg salad (eggs are a definite food aversion lately!) I kept saying to myself "I think you are forgetting something." But besides the bacon bits, which I didn't have, I couldn't think of what it was! Five days later and it dawns on me... I forgot the mustard. And the seasoning. And the onion.

Yeah, so it was basically hard boiled eggs and mayo with some diced peppers. Not my best moment. I'll blame it on the pregnancy brain.

Friday- We did nothing on our first full day at home. Seriously, nothing. I got up with Grace and let Ian sleep in and when she went down for her first nap two hours later, I slept too! During her next awake period, we cuddled, read, and played until her second nap time. By that time, I was bored with the TV and since we are 8 hours ahead of the east coast, nothing was going on in the internet/blog world.

I decided to tackle a premoving project. I hadn't wanted to start on it so soon because we still have 1-2 months until we move and I am afraid that once I start purging, cleaning, and packing, I won't want to stop, leaving our home feel like a transition place for several months. Plus, I really want to stay focused on my language learning for the remaining time, so I am trying not to think about the move.

All of this to say, I was so bored that I was able to tackle this project in just an hour or two. I was able to purge and organize all craft and office supplies in our apartment into one packing trunk, organized our packing trunk of holiday supplies, and cleaned up our front room, which had acquired a bunch of trash.

I spent my evening in bed after skyping with my Mom, Grandma, and Aunt, and began reading a new book. I don't think the book is a winner, but I will give it another shot.

Saturday- Grace slept in a little bit and then we both got up. We watched her new dvd of Little Einsteins together but I was bummed when I realized that the copy we bought over here is the British version. Not that I don't love hearing a cute British accent, but Grace could possibly face enough language confusion and delay already because she is being raised in a bilingual environment, I didn't want to introduce another accent and vocabulary set to her. Bummer.

We had run out of milk and diapers so Ian, Grace, and I went on a walk right at noon to a grocery store. Bad idea. It's an Arab summer right now, and our temperatures on Saturday were over 110 degrees. HOT. It's like opening an oven and sticking your head right in it.

It wasn't a long errand though and we came home and laid on the cool tile to try to lower our temperatures. Grace was stripped down to her diaper and drank her juice before going down for a nap.

I tackled another project by going through our desks and bookshelf w/ a drawer. I purged a bunch of old papers, magazines, and outdated cords and discs, made a stack of books to give away, and sorted some important papers.

Sunday- We got up early, took Grace to daycare, and made a trip across the border. Ian had to turn in his visa paperwork and has to stay over the border until it has all been processed. Boo.

I made the drive back by myself, but first made a pit stop at my favorite mall. The maternity store was having a big sale and I bought two new t shirts. I really wanted a swim suit and a pair of capris, but the prices weren't reasonable so I walked away (yay me!) and bought myself a cheeseburger, which I had been craving and crying about for over a week, ha!

I made the long drive back by myself, picked up Grace from daycare, and was told that she had slept the entire day. My afternoon nap plans had to be thrown out the window as she was wired and only took a 30 minute nap. She was really fussy (molars are coming in,) and hard to entertain, so around 5 we headed to the grocery store to get out of the house. My friend, A, called and invited us over for Brinner, so we went straight there. I had a quick skype call with my parents and enjoyed some time with my friends before coming home, talking to Ian on the phone, and putting Grace down for the night.

I watched New Year's Eve from iTunes but wasn't thrilled with it. Lackluster is how I would describe it and I won't be renting it again soon.

It was a longer than normal weekend, since I had to miss school to take Ian over the border, but a good weekend with plenty of family time. I'm looking forward to this coming weekend as we have a getaway planned and it puts us that much closer to the end of the semester!


Lauren said...

that sounds like a fabulous glad you were finally able to satisfy your cheeseburger craving! that actually sounds really good to me as well...and I'm definitely not preggo! ha!

Amanda said...

that sounds like a relaxing weekend! so nice you got several projects done. oh and that you got a cheeseburger! i hope you guys have fun on your getaway!!! :)