Wednesday, October 3, 2012

And a Very Happy Birthday to You, Too!

In a period of just four days, we celebrated three very special occassions!
1.) The birth of our second daughter
2.) Grace turning 18 months
3.) Ian's 26th birthday!

Ian had really wanted Sophia to be born on his birthday, but she had other plans. And I really wanted to take Ian out to his favorite Mexican restaurant, but, once again, Sophia had other plans. (as does my postpartum self- I'm feeling pretty rough!)

Instead, we celebrated by eating out at Chili's after a day of doctor's appointments (Grace, Sophia, and my mother in law!) and celebrating a second time the next day.

Ian, Grace, and his mom had to go on some errands in another town all day Tuesday, and, when they returned, we had Ian's favorite meal his mom makes: Cajun meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and green beans, followed by a lemon birthday cake with raspberry filling, made by me!

 Grace helped Ian open his presents from his mom and I- some video games, a blu ray of Inception, and some new books!

I think Ian's favorite part of his birthday was his family being together and his mom being able to be here for these special days. He is such a sweet man and loves his family so much. I am blessed with the best husband in the world and my girls have the best dad!

Happy Birthday, Ian! I love you so much!

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Emily Powell said...

You sound like you're doing great being a new mom of 2!