Thursday, October 4, 2012

Embrace the Camera

 This week I am Embracing the Camera with Emily from The Anderson Crew:

I've become keenly aware of how little I put myself in front of the camera. Especially after this week. I have exactly two pictures of my new daughter and I together. And that is a shame, because I am holding her constantly!

I'm going to really try hard to make it a goal to get in front of the camera more often with my children!

I have a picture with Grace, from Friday night, right before I walked out the door for the hospital. Sophia was nice and snug inside and Grace could comfortable sit on my bump!

And, exactly 36 hours later, baby Sophia is outside my stomach and we are leaving the hospital!


Heather (Live.Love.Laugh.) said...

What a sweat little baby!!

Lauren said...

I love this...I've been trying to make a conscious effort of asking SOMEONE to take my picture with Elyse. I don't ever want to be looking for a recent photo of us together and have to look back months in the photo archives!

Emily said...

You look wonderful! So glad you and Baby Sophia are doing well!

The Barker's said...

First off, you look amazing after just having a baby!!!! Loved the birth story and who would have thought it would be the same anesthesiologist!!!!! Craziness! Way to go for goi g natural both times!!! Hats off to you!