Monday, October 22, 2012

Baby Brain and Miscellany Monday

 I officially have baby brain. I can't think, I can't process, I can't form words. It's taking me twice the time o get sentences out and you don' even want to know how many times I will have o stop and ask Ian for a word that I can't remember. Yesterday, I spent 15 minutes trying to recall the word "character," and then that wasn't even the word I wanted, but a synonym close to that. Bless Ian's heart for being my walking Thesaurus right now.

I'm also unable to recall conversations I had with people or emails I read. Ian asked me about an email that I had read out loud to him a couple of weeks ago and I had absolutely no idea what he was talking about! I know this post pregnancy baby brain is pretty normal, but I don't remember ever having it like this with Grace!
  • We had a crazy Monday overall. we had to drive to hours away to go to the doctor, only for the appointment have been a complete waste of time. We did get Grace and my visas (finally,) which means that 3 out of 4 of us are legitimately living here! Now to begin Sophia's passport/birth certificate/visa process.
  •  Speaking of Sophia and her birth certificate...I mourned the fact tonight that both of my girls may possibly not be able to be president if they so desired. I know that may sound silly, and I know it is over 3 decades away, but I would like my kids to have the option if they wanted. Turns out, the law isn't clear about whether a child, born to two US citizens, but born abroad, is considered a "natural citizen," which is a prerequisite for being president of our great country. What a shame! All of those kids born to soldiers stationed all around the world may not be eligible either. That seems like it would be a given, but it's not. Unfortunately, there has never been a case in the past, so the law/court/government hasn't had to really rule on it. Maybe one day girls, maybe one day.
  • We're finally running our budget off of cash only (except our bills that we have to pay online, of course.) I've been attempting to run my groceries off of cash for about 2 months now, but without much success. Those impulse buys and forgotten items off of my list always pushed me above and beyond the cash I had in hand. today I was able to stay under my budget (yay!) but was wondering if anyone has any Cash Only budget planning tips? I'd love to hear them!
  • Grace has a new love for strawberries. So much so, that she even says a word for strawberry. Only thing is, it does not sound a thing like strawberry. She says "Chig-a-ba!" and nods her head enthusiastically. She uses it every time, so she obviously has connected that made up word with the meaning of strawberry. Funny girl!


Emily said...

I feel ya on the brain thing, I already am like that and I am not due until March. We will get our brains back eventually, right!?

A Nerd and A Free Spirit said...

Interesting on the law - my understanding was that you had to be born in the US or born on a US military site somewhere abroad.... so I guess that's not quite correct?

Wow on the cash budget! Good for you guys! I have tried to do it a couple times, but I'm always afraid I'm going to lose the cash, and for some reason I really never ever have cash. I use the debit card. But we are on the dave ramsey plan, so we are major tightwads. (-:


Lauren said...

haha! love Grace's word for strawberry!

We have been on a cash budget for most everything for about a year. I have a set amount of cash that I receive once a month (we both actually get paid 2x a month, but we budget monthly). I also menu plan for the week but also include some extras like bread, cheese, etc. for quick meals if we have an extra meal at home. Normally of my set menu plan, we end up not using one of those meals for one reason or another so that one just carries over until the next week! So far so good...and I only have to use my card if I completely forget my cash.

Good luck!