Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Home Tour: Sophia's Room

AKA- Nursery Reveal

I love Sophia's room- L-O-V-E it.

I don't like bright and bold color schemes in a nursery, for many reasons, but the main one is the psychology behind bright colors in children's room creates a stimulating environment that produces undesirable emotions/energy (for instance, the color red in a preschool room has been shown to create an elevated amount of anger or a yellow room creates excess energy.) I know it sounds cooky, but in all my work with kids I have seen that this is true and I totally believe that a nursery should be a soothing environment that promotes relaxation and calmness, for both baby and momma!

That doesn't mean that I don't add splashes of bright color for contrast and interest, and for visual stimulation, but it means that out of the walls, curtains, bedding, ar, and accessories, only pieces should be bright.

Grace's nursery was neural wall color with a pale pink and lavender scheme. Really, it was supposed to be just pale pink, but by the time the bedding got here from the States I realized that the picture online wasn't true to its color and it had a hint of lavender in it, so I ran with it.

Sophia's room has the same neural paint that the rest of the house has- sometimes it looks like a light tan or cream and sometimes it looks like it has a hint of peach in it. I chose to go with a yellow color scheme but wanted it to just be in touches instead of all over the place.

The view into Sophia's room, straight ahead, with Grace's door to her room to the right.

The name sign I made for Sophia's room. I decided to go with a giraffe theme way back in February. My reason being that I had chosen an animal for Grace, a rabbit, and the animal for baby #2 was going to be an elephant but I had decided that in case it was a girl, I wanted to chose a more feminine animal, ha! So, giraffe it was.

The wall on the right, when you walk into the room has her dresser (an old pine dresser that we had refinished and I put new knobs on it,)  which acts as her changing table also. The prints above the dresser are from the same artist that did Grace's artwork- I love them! So whimsical and the colors are so beautiful! The baskets hold diapers and a container of wipes. I forgot to take a picture of the detail work, but the front of the woven baskets have yellow buttons in a row right below the handle.

The wall straight across from the door when you walk in has a huge window. If we had been able to/wanted to, I would have put a rocker/glider in the corner to the right. We chose not to this time though since this house is so spread out. We didn't feel like I would be able to come upstairs to nurse very often.

The detail work on the lampshade. Yes, I hot glued all of those buttons in between contractions! I had to get her nursery finished!

The wall to the left when you walk in the door is where her crib is. I really like her crib but am disappointed in the bedding I was able to find over here. I couldn't find a bumper or crib skirt that I liked at all and the sheet isn't really what I wanted either. Boo.

I did the arrangement above her bed. It's alright, but I'm not crazy about it either. I'll mess around with the papers another time. The orange seems really out of place to me.

And yes, the mattress is all wonky. Sophia has a cold so her mattress is elevated on the right side to help with her breathing and drainage.

The crib sheet is from PBKids and I really like it, but it's just not the one I was hoping to get.

This is directly besides the door, just some floating shelves with knick knacks and our awesome baby monitor.

The sign says "How beautiful are the feet that bring good news." and has Grace's footprints.

To the right of the shelves is the entrance to her closet space. We are supposed to put a wardrobe in there but don't really have a need for it right now. So, here's the brutal truth of what this area looks like- piles of things to be thrown away, donated, stored, or used!

Sophia's room has a bathroom (because every newborn needs their privacy?)

So, we naturally use it for some excellent storage. Next to the toilet (unused toilet,) is our collection of infant toys.

In the sink are our children's medicines and soap products- the bathroom door is kept closed and Grace can not reach the sink yet.

And, behind shower curtain number 3?

Oh, just our storage system for the girls' clothes! Because I'm sure you were curious about how it is all stored!

The room isn't exactly how I pictured it, but, to be fair, I didn't start on it until I was 36 weeks pregnant! Plus, knowing that the girls probably will be sharing a room in less than a year meant that I was buying with that in mind. The girls room will use Sophia's dresser and crib, Grace's book cases (a dark black-brown,) Grace will be in a big bed, and probably be a combo of pink and yellow.


Jessica @ Better Together and Forever said...

I love the giraffe name plate you made for Sophia! The storage in the shower, is an excellent idea and it's covered so no one will ever know unless you show them. Great job with her room! :)



Lyndsey said...

Wow, I still can't get over all the space and natural light you have!! I love the prints above Sophia's changing table. And I think giraffes is a really cute girl theme!

Callie said...

Way late on commenting on this post, but I love both Grace's and Sophia's rooms!