Sunday, October 7, 2012

Grace Meets Sophia

I know, I know. The last week has been heavily baby centered.

I mean, I'm not apologizing, just letting you know that I'm aware of it.

After all, we did just have a baby, so I suppose that is an excuse.

But I really wanted to share with you the cutest little thing imaginable:

Grace meeting her baby sister!

When we arrived home from the hospital, Grace was taking a nap, so I took the opportunity to finally take a shower. I had had an IV for my entire hospital stay so I was unable to shower until I got home, and it was a very welcome treat.

As soon as we were all showered and dressed we woke Grace up from her nap. She was under a little emotional distress, as it had been her first night away from us and she had been taken care of by two people she really didn't know, a new family friend and her Grandma, whom she had just met the day before.

She was disoriented and clingy, and she looked absolutely exhausted. Poor, sweet baby.

We carried her downstairs to the family room and put in right inside the door. I picked up the camera and asked Grace to "Come see your baby!" She looked over in the direction of her toys where her baby doll was for a second and then looked back at me. I pointed to the couch, where we had placed Sophia, and I said again "Come see your baby!"

Her eyes got as big and round as saucers and she booked it over to the couch, arms extended in excitement and running on tip toes!

 She pointed at the baby, wanted to point out her eyes and nose, and wanted to give a million little kisses to her!
 You can see in the picture below, even though she was excited, she looked like she was also on the verge of tears- too much change at once for our sweet girl.

And then, the video. Be still my heart, but my girl was so excited to meet and love on her new baby sister!!

Grace meets Baby Sophia from IGalloway on Vimeo.

And that sweet disposition has carried on for the entire first week of us being home!

The first day when Sophia cried, Grace would get anxious and start crying herself, but now she's used to it and will "shush" us, say "pat pat pat," to tell us to burp the baby, or will try to kiss her or bring her one of her own pacifiers. Too cute.

Anytime she can she wants to be giving kisses all over to Sophia, and will even sit down on the ground and pat her lap to ask to hold Sophia.

I can't wait to see how their relationship grows over the next couple of months!


Emily Powell said...

I love the last picture! It looks like Sophia is saying, "get out of my face!"

Tami said...

Aww Brittney! This made me cry! I knew Grace was going to be such an amazing big sister but seeing the two of them together just melts my heart!

Heather (Live.Love.Laugh.) said...

So sweet!

katie said...

Oh my goodness! How precious is this? I've been off the internet for a few weeks, so I missed your big news!

I'm thrilled for you all. Sincerest congratulations! What beautiful girls you have!

Natalie said...

This is so sweet! I love the video! I will have to remember to take one of Callyn meeting her new brother/sister:)

Callie said...

That is too sweet!