Monday, October 8, 2012

Sophia's First Bath

 Sophia added another "first" to her growing collection of firsts- her first bath!

Her umbilical cord fell off on Saturday, when she was 8 days old, and we decided to give her her first bath on Sunday, October 7th.

We also thought it would be cool for Ian's mom, the girls' MiMi, to give Sophia her first bath!  (I'll be honest, though this was totally my idea, when it came time for it to actually happen, I was a little sad that I wasn't giving my baby her first bath. It was super special that his mom got to do it though and I'm glad she got the experience- I know it will be one of her highlights from her trip.)

So, after Grace went down for the night, we brought out the baby bath with the newborn sling/hammock, filled it up with warm water, and had Mimi go to work!

Sophia was NOT happy about being undressed, even though we turned off the AC to the room during this time.

But as soon as we put her into the tub she calmed down and was total chill baby for the rest of her bath time.

That is, until we pulled her out to dry off and get dressed!


Emily Powell said...

oh my goodness...brings back memories of Georgia's first bath. Phew...that was stressful. She hated the whole thing!

Jessica K said...

Oh how sweet! I bet your mother in law felt so honored to be able to give her, her first bath!

Lauren said...

That first bath is such a precious memory...but definitely not without some crying!

Unknown said...

She looks so like Grace!!!