Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Made With Love: Play Quilt

Over four years ago I began making a quilt. I believe it started out as a rainy day, bored out of my mind kind of project. I went into a craft store and came out with a bundle of pre cut, color coordinated fabric squares.

I'm sure there is a name for this, but I am just not that sewing savvy.

That should tell you a little bit about where this story is going.

I wanted it to be usable as either a toddler bed quilt or a play mat.

I got all of the pieces layed out and sewn together in strips. Never mind the fact that I didn't measure or iron as I went along. OR know how big a toddler bed was.

Then, I got a teaching job, and the project was put on the way side. Then, I lost my teaching job, and I was too bummed to do much of anything. Then we decided to move overseas, so all of my things were packed up. This was in the spring of 2009.

I didn't pack the quilt though. I gave it to my mom and said something to the effect of "if you ever get bored and want to finish this, be my guest."

Never mind the fact that she started on a quilt when I was born and it has never been finished.

Imagine my surprise when my parents shipped a care package lately and I opened it to find the finished product:

I love the colors! And it looks so much better than if I had finished it. Quilting would have to be renamed as "fabric butchering."

My Grandma finished the quilt for me and was able to mend many of my mistakes. I love having one of her many pieces of handiwork on display in my house. My grandma is one of the mos active and energetic ladies that I know. She's put much love and devotion into the raising of her three kids by herself and is a role model to me for how Godly women should work hard and follow Him.

Thank you, Grandma! What a special quilt and present for the girls to enjoy! I love you!


katie said...

Love this! And the story!! What a treasure for your girls to have something made by your Grandma!

Alison H said...


Brian and Ashley said...

It's so pretty! What a sweet thing for her to do!

Lauren said...

love this! what a precious memory & keepsake you'll always have from your grandma!