Sunday, December 9, 2012

Carols in the Desert

This past Friday, we loaded up the car just before sunset and drove out into the desert.

Along with 1,000 other people, we picnicked on sand dunes,

Watching the sun set below the horizon,

Sunk our toes deep into the cold, fine sand,

Snuggled together in camping chairs,

Marveled as the stars appeared overhead,

and sung out Christmas carols.

It was a truly magical evening, one that makes me glad I live in a place that is so different from my home, but so exotic in so many ways.


Emily Powell said...

how cool! what a neat experience!

Tami said...

It sounds like the perfect evening! And I love that first picture of you and your sweet girls!

Emily said...

I think this is so cool, very glad you get a little bit of Christmas in the desert!

Alison H said...

What an incredible experience! I cannot imagine how cool it sounded and felt! It's so great to celebrate Jesus in nature!

Lauren said...

what a wonderful experience! so fun!