Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Happy Two Months, Sophia!

It's hard to believe that Sophia turned two months old almost two weeks ago!

She is SO big and her little personality is starting to show as she shirks off her "newborn" stage and rolls peacefully (mostly,) into infancy.

Height: 21.7 inches (she's grown two inches since birth!!)
Weight: 10.8 pounds
Head: I think 19 inches- but I lost the paper I wrote it down on, so if that is abnormally large or small, ignore me please.

I moved her up to 0-3 months clothes, she is just so long! She wears footie pajamas most every day/all day and I don't tend to change her clothes every day if they are clean. #secondchildproblems

I had to buy size 2 diapers because the store was all out of size 1, so she was wearing size 2 for two weeks, but then when I went back to the store, I accidentally bought size 1 again. She can still fit in them, so it's no problem!

She still nurses every 3 hours from 7 am until 7 pm, but we finally dropped her "whisper feed," and she sleeps from 7 pm until 2 am, nurses, then goes back to sleep until wake up time.

I'd like to start weaning her off of her gas medicine soon, but an unfortunate mishap, where we forgot to give it to her for nearly a day, showed me she's not quite ready to be free of it.

Her sleep schedule seems to change on a daily basis. I think it has a lot to do with how she's handling gas or if she is in a growth spurt. She sleeps the most solid from 7 pm until 2 am. Her eat/wake/sleep cycle isn't as firm as  Grace's was at this point, but I am getting better at reading her cues at when she needs to go down. She does need to cry herself asleep most of the time though. You can rock her until your arm is asleep but she wakes up the moment you lay her down. Sometimes it only takes 5 minutes of crying, but other times it can take longer than that. We are totally okay with letting her learn to self soothe.

Girl loves to smile at us! As soon as she is done nursing she just grins right back at you with her adorable dimple shining through. She started smiling at 6 weeks. She also "laughs," (a high pitch shriek,) and coos in response to eye contact.

She's not a fan of tummy time but we can get 3-5 minutes out of her at a time.

She will follow you with her head as you come in and out of a room, sometimes leaving her head twisted in odd angles.

We can't leave her on the ottoman any more, as she may be close to flipping over. It could be in a couple days or in a couple of weeks.

Loves to make us smile already. Loves being talked to and cuddled. Hates the wind against her face or the sun in her eyes.

*She is really starting to look like Grace! I thought Sophia would be the baby that takes after me, but no, she really looks like Grace and, in turn, their dad!
*Doesn't take a paci yet. Every once and a while she'll suck on one, but must of the time she just chews on it and then spits it out.
* She sleeps without music or a sound machine, which makes me laugh, because we have been so religious with turning Grace's nap time and bedtime music on for every, single sleep time.


Emily Powell said...

so sweet! glad you're still doing posts with baby number 2!

Tami said...

I can't believe that sweet girl is already two months old! She is growing so fast but still so tiny! You know I am in love with her little smile. It is the sweetest!