Friday, April 5, 2013

Happy Six Months, Sophia!

 Sophia Anne turned six months old last week! She is changing so much, right before my eyes and I am truly enjoying my tie with her. Life is more balanced now and she is growing and getting stronger every day!

Weight-13.3 pounds
Height- 25 inches
Clothes- 0-3 months (though just 3 days after she turned 6 months I moved her up.)
Diaper- size 2
Shoes- newborn/size 1

Sophia's sleep is steadily getting better. Her nighttime sleep is from 7 pm until 6 am waking only once between 2-4 am. She is up for 1- 1.5 hours at a time and then asleep for 2- 1.5 hours, making a 3 hour cycle during the day. Her last nap of the day tends to only be one hour, from 5-6 pm.

Sometime earlier in the month Ian and I sat down and tried to evaluate what we were doing differently with Sophia from Grace and what we needed to change. Ian went out right then and bought a cd player and we started playing the same cd for all sleeping periods. We also gave her two little "deal" blankets that she likes to rub her face in and clutch. Within one day her sleep had gotten better.

She is quite the mover when she sleeps, and we often find her at the foot of her bed, all entwined in her bumper. I'm glad we have the bumper though, because she would get stuck every time she slept otherwise!

Sophia finally started taking a bottle this month! Yay for a little bit of freedom! She is a champ with it and can hold it all by herself.

Sophia started on rice cereal this month and really likes it. She is a much messier eater than Grace was though, and I'm constantly having to scrub it out of her eyelashes!

She is still nursing every 3 hours during the day (or closer together if I'm trying to keep her happy/keep her quiet.) and once at night.

At her 6 month check up Sophia's weight was a bit of a concern, as she had dropped from the 25th percentile to the 10th. I remembered that this was the same exact pattern that Grace had though and the doctor suggested it could just be a hormonal change causing a change in my milk or that Sophia is growing. Since Sophia had already started on solids and is occasionally getting a formula bottle, however, the doctor isn't concerned.

Sophia spent a couple of days practicing her rolling and then stopped doing it altogether! She does roll over onto her belly at night though.

She also went from never sitting up to being able to sit unassisted in just a matter of days. I suppose that happened at 6 months +3 days or so, so it will have to officially go on next month's update.

Sophia likes to hold soft objects and still loves to be held. She loves to ride in our Boba carrier while I vacuum and squeals with glee whenever people talk to her.

Sophia is still a high maintenance baby, despite the forward progress. She needs to have your complete attention while she is awake and she loves eye contact. She can be soothed quickly by physical contact and by singing.

*She still has one dimple, on her right cheek that is just too cute!
*Her eyes are a gray/blue and I bet her eyes will be gray like her sister's!
*Almost everyone agrees, she resembles her sister but is not a perfect match for her. Sophia takes after me and Grace takes after Ian.
*Sophia is still on medicine for reflux after seeing a specialist early this month.
*She LOVES Grace and gets really happy when Grace plays near her
*She HATES bath time so it does not happen very often.
*We like her to be called Sophia, not Sophie. Occasionally we refer to her as So-So, or Fia, but those are just nick names from when Grace was learning to say her name.

Half a year has gone by and I can't imagine our family with out you! You have taught me so much about motherhood, persistence, patience, and a love that grows beyond the borders of my heart. I pray every day that you will grow old to know this same love and that one day you will follow Jesus as your Lord and Savior. We thank Him for the blessing that is your life.


Emily Powell said...

happy 6 months!!! She is so cute!

Emily said...

She is darling, love her little smiles! : )

Lyndsey said...

Happy 6 months, Sophia! She is just gorgeous! I love her squishy cheeks and that dimple! I think this is the first month I don't think she looks that much like Grace. I use to think they were twins but they really have their own sweet features. And hooray for taking a bottle!

Amanda said...

what a sweetie!!!! i'm not just saying this....but her smile is one of the most precious i have ever seen! so nice to catch up! i have not been on blogger for awhile. Eleanor has been keeping me busy!

Cara said...

What PRECIOUS pictures! You're right - that little dimple is the cutest!