Sunday, July 21, 2013

Catching Up...Again

Okay, ya'll. I'm so terribly behind I don't even know how to catch up. I'm having blogger guilt on a a daily basis. What if I pare it down to twenty phrases or so?

Okay, here we go.

Orlando, Florida
Ian's Family
Walks to the lake and park
Beach days
Saw tons of friends!
Participated in Cow Appreciation Day
Girls' Night
More restaurants than I can shake a stick at
I joined the iPhone world

Port Charlotte, Florida
My extended family
Copious amount of  presents for the girls
A failed attempt at a splash park
Meeting my cousin's fiance for the first time

Road Trip
We made great time.
Grace conquered the Chick Fil A playground
Picked up our loaner car for the next 6 months (yes, we are rocking a Buick Le Sabre. And no, I am not 70 years old.)
Arrived at my parents house!

Nashville, Tennessee
Sophia met her grandparents for the first time
Wagon rides
Started Couch to 5k
Picked fresh vegetables from my parents garden
Nashville Science Center
Got our first double stroller

We move into our (temporary) new home tomorrow. It will be nice to unpack our suitcases for the first time in almost a month.

*Sigh* And that is it. I think that just about catches us up. There are alot more stories to tell but this is going to have to do!


Tami said...

You guys sure have been busy!! I'm so glad you are enjoying your time with family and friends. Yay for getting an Iphone. Now you need to get Instagram!!

Emily Powell said...

I'm so happy for y'all. I know you're enjoying yourselves!

Liz McQueen said...

Love all the pics & the phrases sums up a wonderful month!! Keep enjoying every moment, ESP the girls & grandparents!! Love you guys!

hollie marie said...

I've been following your blog for some time now and am curious to know what the circumstances are surrounding your stay in the US? Will you be returning to the middle east? Will you be here in the US indefinitely? Maybe I missed a post or two, but it seemed like one moment you were moving into a new house and now you're moving into a temporary home! :)
Just curious,