Thursday, July 25, 2013

I Heart Jogging and the Paradigm of New Stuff, New Passion

I'm really loving jogging right now, which is odd, because I really hate jogging. Or I did in the past. Even in prior attempts at running, I'd do it out of obligation but would never really love it.

This time is different though. And I blame it all on the new stuff paradigm. You know, like how you were always a more diligent student at the beginning of the year because of shiny new supplies. Or how you suddenly become an ace organizer after you get a new planner. 

Well, I got a new double stroller ( how have I been living without one for ten months?) that just so happens to be a jogging stroller. So, naturally, I decided to take up running, first of all, because I could. 

I can run out in public and it's not a big deal. I can run in shorts. And a tank top. And it's not a million degrees out. 

And secondly, because I had a fancy, new jogging stroller that I wanted to take for a spin. 

And I love it! I'm still no good at it but I'm working on it. And since I have to replace my shoes, socks, and athletic clothes while we are stateside, I'm hoping that the new stuff paradigm will work in my favor.

Maybe I should get a new planner to schedule out my purchases to optimize on the new stuff paradigm.


Emily said...

haha this is too funny! I love the stroller-enjoy it and the other new stuff you plan to get. I love getting new tennis shoes!

Lauren said...

so cute! and that new stuff paradigm is SO true!

Unknown said...

I completed couch to 5k this spring- it's great!

katie said...

yay!! Go you!

katie said...

yay!! Go you!