Friday, August 30, 2013

Five on Friday

{one} I joined Instagram. (Finally. Only five years behind the curve.) I Love it and have shamefully neglected my camera since then. Follow me at witheagerhandsblog

{two} We did some shopping this week. We haven't done much of any shopping overseas in the last four years so it is time for a major wardrobe reboot. We hit up a Banana Republic outlet that was having a mega sale and got a ton of new, long lasting clothes. Yay! Though Ian was positively green when we were checking out. Oh well. 

{three} Doing the above mentioned shopping has unlocked some sort of hidden inner shopping addict in me. It is just ridiculous. I could shop all day if it weren't for the normal financial restraints! And shoes! My friends overseas will be happy to know I have rapidly expanded my shoe wardrobe and have plans for a fee more purchases in the months to come. 

{four} We have the best weekend ahead of us and I am just so excited about all that we have in store! 

{five} Ian taught Grace the Macarena this week. She is awesome at it. And my contribution to her learning? When she started copying me after I said "oh, crap!"  we quickly pulled out the claw hands and made her think I had said "oh, crabs!" Now she thinks its some sort of game. Awesome. 

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Emily Powell said...

oh crap = crabs...hahaha! I said stupid once and Georgia repeated me and we told her I said super! Instead she says, "Stupid! No...super!" Not sure that's any better!