Thursday, September 5, 2013

One of those weeks

I feel a little defeated this week. I wrote two posts (on my phone) and they have been lost forever in the realm of "I can't believe I never hit save."

Oh well. 

Ian and I are currently snuggled up on the bottom bunk at perfect strangers house. We are speaking at a conference in South Carolina and enjoying getting to talk about overseas life, our calling, and our passions. 

I did get told this today though, "Oh, y'all live in the Middle East? In China or Japan?"

Cue my jaw dropping to the floor. 

We also ran into a couple who we haven't seen in almost four years! Before we both left the States neither of us had kids, now both families have two. I kept chuckling as I watched our friend hold his toddler on his hip- I had never seen them as parents before!

So much to catch up on! We are without the girls this weekend so here is to hoping I can get some thoughts written down!


Kaylyn said...

girl, it has been too long since I visited your blog! I love seeing how your family has grown! When I started following along on your blog many years ago- so much has changed! It IS so fun to see it unfold!! I'll be stopping by more often!

Kelli said...

Don't you love what people say?! My favorite one that we get asked MULTIPLE times EVERY time we are in the states is, "oh, you live overseas? Do your kids go with you?" Totally baffles the mind!

Callie said...

Ha, funny about the "China or japan" question! Sheesh. And I'm sorry about the posts being lost! That happens to me SO OFTEN with emails. And it's so frustrating, because it's just never as good the second time around.