Friday, September 6, 2013

Five on Friday

{one} We took the girls to a local splash park and enjoyed one of their last open days! Grace loved it And I loved soaking up the sun. 

{two} Last weekend we travelled to Georgia, stopping at the Chattanooga Aquarium before heading onto an Atlanta Braves night game where we (including the girls,) stayed for eleven innings! What a long and fun night!

{three} We are two months into our time in the States! So hard to believe! We had been dreaming about this time for so long that it is a little hard to believe that it is one third of the way done. I am trying not to get ahead of    myself by dreaming about house hunting and decorating when we get back and instead enjoy the present time. 

{four} Our poor Gracie came down with croup this past week. It set in pretty fast and since we knew we were about to leave her with my parents for the weekend, I decided to take her in to the doctor just as a precaution. They ran an RSV test on her and when that came back negative and her breathing rate was increasing along with her strider and barking cough, they referred us to the ER. We got in pretty quickly, were x-rayed in less than five minutes, and then told she had croup. They gave her a steroid shot since the swelling in her throat was so bad and observed her for an hour. 

All in all it was a good hospital experience and Grace enjoyed her new orange "dress."

{five} "I'm nothing if not persistent." That's what I just told the complete stranger in Starbucks. Apparently I sat in the seat with the only working outlet. And apparently she was just having one of those days and knew that her outlet wasn't going to work. So I tried her plug in four different outlets in my corner until we found one that worked. 

I think she's still miffed that I was in her seat. Oh well. 

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Lauren said...

Awww...poor baby! Elyse had croup several months ago and it was the pits!

Hope she's feeling better!