Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Happy Birthday, Ian!

Ian turns 27 today! This is our eighth birthday celebrating HIM together! Ian is very low key and laid back and doesn't really expect much in the way of celebrations or presents but he loves and appreciates any thing that comes his way.
This year, I let Grace help pick out a card for Ian, and she immediately pointed to a picture of Sheldon from the Big Bang Theory and said, "Daddy!" She handed me the card and was done with the selection process. I'm not sure what that says about Ian but I choose to believe Grace recognized his genius and knew that was just like her Daddy!
We are celebrating all day with mini presents and cards throughout the day (candy, a mini lego set, a small nerf gun, some dvd's of Bond movies, and a new board game- Ticket to Ride!) I hope to slip away at some point tomorrow afternoon and pick up a cake (or pie, since that is more up his alley,) but we will see if that is possible!

I love my husband very much and am so grateful for the man that he is. Patient, kind, intelligent, thoughtful, funny, witty, and a good friend to all he meets.

Happy Birthday, Ian! I hope 27 is as wonderful a year as 26!

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Emily Powell said...

Georgia LOVES picking out her own cards as well. Sweet girls :)