Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Happy Second (and a half) birthday, Grace!

Grace is two and a half years old today. It should feel older but I think we have been telling people she is two and a half for a good three months now!

She is 30 inches tall and weighs 27 pounds. She is tall and skinny with mile long legs and itty bitty (size six) feet.

She has gray/blue eyes and curly dark blonde hair.

She is every bit 2 and a half. She loves to do things "all by herself," with her latest accomplishments being learning how to take her shoes and socks off and to hold herself on the big potty without any help.

She is my on-the-go girl. She is happiest when we are out and about and around people and she can push herself to go all day without stopping. Rarely has she ever fallen asleep in public because she just loves to be involved in whatever is going on!

Developmentally she has grown so much in the last six months. She is more sure footed, has conquered stairs, can climb a ladder, do a somersault, do a hands free somersault, and loves to walk on anything resembling a balance beam. Her run is becoming more refined and she finally gets some air when she jumps!

She is parroting back things we say now, so we have to be really careful about what we talk about with her in the room. She is also aware of moods and is socially intuitive- she knows when we are stressed or sad so we are doing our best to protect her little heart from that right now.

All of our moving around and being on the road is starting to wear her out. When we packed up our Nahsville home she was in school and she came home to a packed up house and she just wept over the loss of her home and the instability. It broke my heart. She has bounced back though and is quickly calling where ever we are staying "Gracie's house."

We don't have a typical day and I don't get to work with her much on learning activities, so I am excited to get back into a routine in a few months and see what she can do! Grace can count to ten, say her ABC's, and can recognize most letters, colors, some shapes, and a few numbers. She loves to count things and we are trying to encourage that since both Ian and I never had a love for math.

She is starting to get a bit of imagination and loves playing with Baby Morgan, her bitty baby (my old one.) She likes to pretend to cook and loves for us to read stories to her. I'm ready to stop living out of a suitcase so that we can actually access her toys and books!

I'm so proud to be Grace Madeline's momma and can't wait to see what the next six months will bring to her as her personality and speech really start to take off! I am grateful she is not the typical Terrible Two (yet,) and love my sweet go with the flow girl who is a great big sister!

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The Barker's said...

look at her curls!!! She is getting so big! I haven't been on the blog lately so I was so happy to see your update on your little ladies! Glad everyone is doing well!