Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Wedding That I Have No Proof Of

About a month ago, we hit the road for a three week long road trip.

The first week included a stop in central Virginia to stay with Ian's best friend from college, a stop up in central Pennsylvania to see my Aunt and Uncle, then on to Northeast Pennsylvania for my cousin's wedding.

Make that, my cousin's themed wedding.

My cousins and his (then) fiance planned a Victorian Steampunk wedding.

Go ahead, you can google Victorian Steampunk. Because I had to.

So, for about six months prior to the wedding we scoured the internet and got ideas for costumes (because all wedding guests were asked to come in themed costumes.)

We wanted to be thematic but we didn't want to spend a small fortune on costumes or clothing we would never use again. Finally, about two weeks before the wedding we settled on a happy medium, having costumes that were mainly normal clothes that could be used again (a lace dress from Shabby Apple for me and a dress shirt and slacks for Ian,) but used a few pieces to make it fit the bill (a monacle and suspenders for Ian and a peacock headpiece and gears/keys jewelry for me.)

Sophia wore a lace romper, cardigan, and headband, while Grace wore a blue dress with black boots and a mini top hat. 

The rehearsal dinner was held on the back lawn of a house overlooking a lake and it was just a nice evening with good food. 

The wedding was the next evening, held at a local B & B/farm, in their barn. Now here is where I start getting apologetic. It was nighttime and raining. In Pennsylvania. I tried using my big camera but it was too dark, no one held still, and I refuse to use flash. 

SO. I didn't really get many pictures except a few phone shots! I know. I'm terrible. 

The wedding was very different from a traditional wedding. Everyone was in crazy costumes and the decor inside the barn was amazing. They had a photo booth set up with themed props and an old time Root Beer float bar, with a bartender and everything. 

We ate dinner, watched first dances, and tried to change diapers in a portable bathroom. 

Fun times!

Grace loved dancing and she just about ran until we dragged her away to go home!

I was so glad that we were able to attend my cousin's wedding. Despite living overseas for several years, it is moments like this one where we get to reconnect with our family and be a part of special events.

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Alison H said...

I can just picture Ian's excitement about getting dressed up. He seems like such a "costume-y" guy! :)