Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Week in DC

{warning: picture overload. I wish I had the time or metal capacity to break it down into actual events, but pictures will have to do the majority of the talking.}
After my cousin's wedding in Pennsylvania, we headed down southward to my sister's place, outside of Washington DC. My parents were able to join us for a combined family vacation and we fit in a bunch of fun activities in that week.

We went to the National Zoo and loved seeing the seal show and watching the wolves.

We went to the Air and Space Museum and had a picnic lunch on the Mall.

We toured the Capitol building and I loved following Sophia around with my camera!

We had a girls day out while the boys went to a baseball game and a museum. We got to go to the American Girl store and it was such a full circle moment for me! Grace loved all of the dolls and got to sit in on a special story time.

Heather and her husband, Ryan, took Ian and I out one night for some frozen yogurt and a night time monument tour. We were really impressed by the Pentagon 9/11 memorial and were freaked out by the enormous amount of spiders at the WWII memorial.

Ian and I took a day and went out just with our little family to see some memorials, go to the American History museum, saw a Turkish festival, and see the White House. It was a fun family day!

I am not really doing the week justice by summing it up so shortly but I am shamefully behind on what has happened in the last month or two! so much to catch up on! I am so grateful that we got to have some good family time all under one roof!


Lyndsey said...

Omg, Sophia's little outfit is to.die.for! DC is one of my favorite cities - it looks like y'all did it well! And how fun to have so much time with family!

Kelli said...

love the pics! esp. the one with grace pushing the stroller. love you!

Alison H said...

Ok, you. Is that YOU in the top picture? It's beautiful! It kinda looks like you...but then again, this is a post where your sis is there, too... and I've never really seen your sister...so... you or sister? I can't tell.

Every time I've been to DC it's been blazes hot. So, it's good to see someone there not sweating. Although...I just think HOT when I hear DC. :)

Love you. Miss you.

Alison H said...

I was thinking about this picture again.... So... the hair is blonder than your luscious brown locks and it's straighter. I've never seen your hair straight in person. SO, you can understand my confusion... You? Or Sister?