Friday, November 1, 2013

Five On Friday


I just had a person call my phone (wrong number,) at eleven pm. Now, that's not horribly late, like one or two AM, but still, it is a little late. And, when I answered, knowing it was a wrong number person, I politely said "Hello, I think you have the wrong number." And she countered with "And what number is that?" "You have the wrong number." I said, a little confused. "And WHAT number is that?" She said, very annoyed.


You just dialed it! What number do you think it is? And unless you are calling from some sort of rotary phone from my childhood, LOOK AT YOUR SCREEN and see what number you just dialed!


We had friends over tonight for a game night. It was so nice to be with a bunch of friends, both old and new. Usually these are my girls that I hang out with, but having the boys around was fun too! Some of these girls I have known since fourth grade! We had a light dinner of salad and a baked potato bar (such an easy group meal,) followed by a very intense game of taboo.

This also marks the first time my girls have slept through a ton of noise! Woo Hoo for adult time!


Disney, Disney, Disney. We are making quick work out of our Disney passes and have gone every week since we returned to Florida! Grace officially thinks that if I ask "What are we going to do today?" it means that we are going to the Happiest Place on Earth. And she's sorely disappointed when I say something like "Mop the floor!" or "Go to the grocery store!" Poor child.


We are two thirds of the way done with our time in the States! In just two months we will be back on the other side of the world! We are having a great time reconnecting with family and friends but we are also ready to get back to our schedules, work, and real life!

And now, I need to start thinking about those "must have" items that we want to take back with us overseas. And then I need to weigh those needs with the fact that each additional suitcase costs 100- 200 extra dollars! Crazy!


My girls are my joy. They are just in the best phases right now! They are learning new things every day and they bring so much laughter into our home! Grace may be dipping her toe into the Terrible Two's but it is very mild and Sophia is starting to try to talk!

Gah. I wish you all could meet them in person. They are adorable. And so much fun!

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