Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sophia's First Birthday Party (Take One!)

While we were on our family vacation, visiting my sister in DC, we were able to celebrate Sophia's first birthday all together!

My sister created some decorations and made a cute cake and smash cake for the day and my brother in law grilled out. My uncle and his new bride were able to come too!

Grace was enthralled with all things birthday related and she had been singing Happy Birthday for about a week. She didn't quite grasp that the cake and presents weren't for her but she went with the flow and helped her sister out when she was allowed!

Sophia dove right into her smash cake and ate it at a pretty steady rate. Afterwards, we took her upstairs and gave her a bath and outfit change before coming downstairs for present time. She got clothes, books, a baby doll, stuffed animals, a puzzle, and some bath toys. She sat patiently in my lap as I opened each thing (or as Grace did,) but didn't have much of an interest in opening it herself.

It was fun and simple- much different from the labor intensive first birthday party I threw for Grace, but with being on the road for so long and not having a real home for six months, I thought that letting my family being a part would be fun for them and less stressful for me! And Sophia didn't know the difference! I'll do a big birthday party for her second when we are back in Abu Dhabi next year!

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Unknown said...

aww how special! I love the decor!