Monday, June 16, 2014

Crazy is the new normal

We have been back in Abu Dhabi for over four months now, our new house for three months. On one have it feels like we just got here, on the other, it's like we never left. We feel like this house is our home and we feel really settled. 

Speaking of the house, we finally bit the bullet and got a whole new family room set. It makes it feel much fuller and cozier. 

Ian and I celebrated six years of marriage on Saturday by going to a 5 pm matinee of Malificent and grabbing a burger and fries from Shake Shack. Fancy, right? We returned home at 8 since we were so tired and watched Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkeban with our babysitter! Who, I'm sure, doubts our coolness factor. 

Grace has been in preschool for the past two months and loves it. We have had the chance to go swimming quite a bit this summer and the girls love it but Sophia is especially a water baby. They are both growing and changing so much. More on that another day. 

I have been co-leading a woman's Bible study each week and we have just started hosting a small group (though with 30+ people "small" is a relative term.) I also started back to part time language learning. It's taking awhile to get a routine but I might have found a new tutor which should help build some structure into my learning. 

Ian is adjusted to his new job and position and, as a family, we are much more used to him being gone all day. There are still days when I call him to help with something that he can't really help with and I have to remind myself that his office job is different than when he worked at home. 

We leave for vacation soon and will return to Abu Dhabi in mid July when Ramadan is in full swing and temperatures are hovering around the 120's most day. Oh the joy. At least we get a beautiful "winter," and have the luxury of air conditioning year round. 

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MLD said...

I am curious about your henna art. Maybe you want to do a post about it. Does it help in establishing yourself with the local community?