Saturday, July 26, 2014

We Survived

July is wrapping up and all I can do is sit back and sigh with relief that we did it. We survived Ramadan 2014 in Abu Dhabi.

Growing up in Florida we used to say things like that. "I survived Hurricane season of 2004!" and it meant something because we actually faced national disaster situations.

I honestly think I can apply those terms to our summer so far. "I survived Ramadan 2014." Considering we don't participate in Ramadan, (the Muslim holy month that consists of all day fasting from food, water, and other things,) it is usually a difficult month for us nonetheless.

You see, most of the expat community (those who are from other countries but come to Abu Dhabi to work,) return to their home countries for 1-2 months during the summer.

Mainly because it is so blazing hot that you can't go outside for 3 months of the year.

But as of now we can not afford that privilege so here we sit.
In a city that has been vacated by alot of our friends and community.
During a month where I can't take a sip of water out in public.
Which means that I can't take my children to the indoor playgrounds at a mall for more than an hour. Which is annoying on so many levels.

Did I mention it was hot? Today the heat index was 129.
That's halfway to baking a cookie.

Putting it that way doesn't make it sound very hot.

And now I want a cookie.

All of my whining aside, we have made it.

Tomorrow is probably the last day. Probably because it is based on the lunar calendar so you have to wait until you see the moon actually phase out to the new moon.

I only cried hot, ugly tears three times.

And there was only weeping and gnashing of teeth by my stir crazy children five to six times.
Or maybe seven to ten.

And Grace has mostly stopped bursting into tears whenever we make a mad dash to the already turned on car from our front door.

Altogether we saved some money from eating out, spent that money on many an iTunes download of Dora and Team Umi Zoomi, learned just how creative we can get with playing with things you already have, and can add the accomplishment of surviving this to our resume.

I think next year we will make a trip to the States.

For my sanity's sake.

And now, maybe, I can resume my writing here. For over a month now, I get the girls to sleep, sit on the couch, and enjoy the silence for about 10 minutes. Then the construction crew starts outside our window (they can't work during the day since they are fasting!) and I drown out the jack hammer sounds with an episode of Rookie Blue or watch a part of Band of Brothers with Ian. Then we fall asleep. All without turning on my computer. Which is good in alot of ways (yay for quality time with my husband! And by quality, I mean we sit mindlessly in front of the tv. Together.) And bad in some ways (I miss writing! I miss the community here!)

So here's to the end of part of this summer. Only 2 more months until we can go outside again!

And then I will be all excited about where I live again because most of you people, in the States will be busting out the fleece and ski jackets. And we will just be seeing trees bud and flowers blossom. For our winter. Amen to that.


Emily Powell said...

Bless you! I couldn't have made it :(

Emily said...

Oh my goodness, I don't know how you did it-but congratulations! I fear I wouldn't be as strong as you in this situation!

Callie said...

Wow, that would be crazy and hard! Glad it's probably over for you!

Unknown said...

Oh you poor thing! My colleague is doing ramadan and she is finding it so tough so how an Earth they do it in that heat is beyond me.

hooray for going outside again!